Dramione Love

Hermione is a witch. She's studying hard at Hogwarts.....a school for wizards and witches. Within her journey she gets a lot of new friends, Ginny, Harry, Ron, Neville. But what about Draco.... Is he someone worth her trust? Is he able to love at all? And who is -P and what does he/she want? This is a Dramione Movella! I really hope you will like it!


15. A Untold Secret

I hadn't done anything in particular today, just getting ready to meet Pansy. I still think that it's something weird going on but I can't point out what. Harry had been awfully off today and neither me, Ron or Ginny had seen him since lunch. I was heading towards the clock-tower to find out what Pansy wanted to tell me. The large clock started to toll as I walked up the many stairs that led up to the clocks backside. I didn't see anyone. I called out for her but I didn't get any answers. In that moment my heart stopped for a second when I stood upon a gruesome sight. A lifeless body laid on the floor, blood coming out of its mouth. It was Pansy. I fell upon my knees to try to find a pulse in her body but it was already to late. Pansy was dead. She had been tortured to death by the Cruciatus Curse, even a first grader could have figured that out. She had done horrible things that she hadn't even been proven guilty off but she didn't deserve the faith that was given. I heard footsteps behind me, his arms embraced me from behind and pulled me up. My tears was falling uncontrollable down my chins and I hugged him tightly.

-"Shh shh, it's okey, you're safe with me, you're safe."

Strange enough, I did. I felt safe with him. The pain in my chest was still there but I did feel a lot safer. My Draco. I love him. I love Draco. I love Draco Malfoy! I was just about to say it when I saw the major detail I've had missed before. The text on the backside of the clock.

"P didn't stand for Pansy. Don't start acting like the game is over. It's not. -P"

It was written in blood....pure...human....blood


As u can see, I've started to write a chapter every week since it doesn't put so much pressure on me and I really hope you like this idea I got going❤️❤️❤️

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