Dramione Love

Hermione is a witch. She's studying hard at Hogwarts.....a school for wizards and witches. Within her journey she gets a lot of new friends, Ginny, Harry, Ron, Neville. But what about Draco.... Is he someone worth her trust? Is he able to love at all? And who is -P and what does he/she want? This is a Dramione Movella! I really hope you will like it!


14. A note from who?

I had been crying myself to sleep last night and I didn't know what to do. Ginny had been staying up all night trying to comfort me but I couldn't stop crying. Then it just stopped. I realised that I wasn't in the stage of sadness anymore, I was in denial. I didn't believe it but I couldn't just lay all day in the dorm so I was preparing myself to go eat breakfast. I had just got a t-shirt on when Ginny walked in with a small note in her hand.

-"What's that?" I asked her, trying not to sound to curious.

-"Someone left a note for u, Mione. I didn't open it, I think it's from Draco but don't get your hopes up." She said and left the room.

I sat down on the bed and carefully opened the note. I directly saw that the handwriting wasn't Draco's but I wasn't even surprised. The note said:

I need to tell you the truth, meet me at 8 inside the clock-tower. I don't want to do this anymore. You can't trust anyone so don't tell them. /Pansy

Pansy wrote this? What would she wanna speak to me about?What does she mean by the truth? Who can't I trust? There was so many questions spinning around in my head. I decided to not think about it until tonight and I went down to meet Harry and Ron to grab some dinner. I couldn't get it out of my mind and I supposed that I needed to tell someone where I was going tonight in case something would happen.

-"Hey guys." I said leaning towards them."Pansy sent me a note this morning."

-"A note?! I mean, what kind of note?" Harry asked.

-"Well she told me that she wanted to tell me something in the clock-tower at 8. She also told me to not tell anyone and that no one can be trusted."

-"That's weird" Ron then said.

-"In the clock-tower you said?" Harry asked me.

-"Yeah in the clock-tower."

-"Yeah...that is kinda weird." He said drifting away in his thoughts.


Hey guys, I've been having a real block and it's been sooo hard writing, but I got a really great idea going on and I hope you guys won't think it's to much. I want to tell you that I will start making at least one chapter per week. Love you Dramione Lovers❤️❤️❤️

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