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1. Meeting her Luke's pov

Hi I'm Luke Hemming's yes I'm in a band so what were not even that good. It was a normal day, me Ashton, Calum, and Mikey were going to sound check as we arrived I saw a girl Ashton tapped me and said she's hawt!! I laughed we walk into the room and started singing she looks so perfect. Ashton and Mikey started playing around all I could think about was the mystery girl I saw on the way in here brown hair tan skin so perfect. After sound check I ran outside to see if she was still out there. She was no where to be seen I sighed then the boys came out "who are you looking for asked Calum?" No one I said. Then we went back on our bus and went to grab something to eat. We went to a Burger King I fucking hate Burger King Ashton ate 5 burgers 3 things of fries and 1 drink and got a milkshake god she was a hungry boy!!! 😂 after we ate I got a phone call from the studio " Hey luke be over here at 9am sharp. Okay I said. I told the boys we got back on the bus it was late if we go to public places to eat we try to go a little later then most people so we won't get seen by many people. I got on the bus and headed to my bunk on the bus I couldn't sleep all I could think about was her!! She was wearing a light pink jacket and black skinny jeans 😍 god she looked so perfect!

Next Day

We woke up at 8:15 I went to the bathroom to take my morning pee before mikey got in there and blew the bathroom up Everytime we eat Burger King he's stomach goes crazy. After I got done in the bathroom I went in the living room. And saw Ashton naked wtf man I said "haha I'm not going in that bathroom after mikey" ha I said. I shouted hurry up guys it's 8:35 we got off the bus we were already there as soon as I got off I saw her. She walked up to me. I just couldn't think straight gosh he was gorgeous. "Hi my name is hannah I will be helping y'all with sound Check today. I just nodded. Okay I said Ashton looked at me funny I said what I'm excited!! :)

We walked into the sound check room and she said I'm Hannah and I'm gonna be helping record your new album. I look at her when she wasn't looking I was scared to make eye contact. I honestly don't know why. She looked at me and smiled I blushed. Gosh she's beautiful😍😍!! We starting singing amnesia. After 3 hours later we walked to the bus I stopped her I was nervous but I can do this. Hi um hannah I'm luke. " trust me I know " she smiled and laughed. Ha I guess guy would know I said. "What's up" um I wanted to see if u wanted to go to lunch with me? Yeah that would be nice she said I'll pick u up at 6 okay I said that sounds good see u there she said. She walked away. YES!! I shouted. I got on the bus the boys act like there weren't looking out the window when they know I know they were! Gettem boy Calum said and they laughed. I looked at him and say stfu with a playing look on my face. It was 5:30. I went out and got my car. I got in and left to head to her house. As I arrived I got out of my car and knocked on her door she opened it. My heart stopped she looked gorgeous.


I can't believe Luke Hemmings is taking me out! 😍 I really don't want fans or people taking pics of us every 10 seconds! He grabbed my hand and took me to my side of the car and opened and shut my door. Then he ran to his side and started to drive. I didn't want it to be awkward. So how are u I asked him. "Good now I'm with you" I smiled. Aw you flirt! I said then giggled 😂 he was so cute with his you complete me shirt and black jeans then blue vans. He was fine omg I said that out loud. He laughed why thank you 😫I was so embarrassed. We stayed quiet for awhile. Luke broke the silence "so what do u want to eat" I don't care I said 15 min later..... We arrived at a fancy restrount. He got out of the car and when to my side and opened my door and took my hand "come on my beautiful lady" he is sooo sweet I like him ALOT I hope no cameras or fans mess up our night 💞 I can't believe I'm with luke he is so perfect everything a girl wants. As we sat at our booth. The waitress came over "what would y'all like" she looked at Luke. I glared at her. "Wow luke Hemmings in the same room as me" she said calmly she touched his hand and said it's on the house what you want. I said um miss I hope you see me with him I'm sitting right here we are on a date. She walked away I'll just get y'all the specials.

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