Unchained melody //Calum Hood//

We danced in one spot gently swaying to unchained melody, his arms around my waist holding me close and my arms around his neck holding on.

Calum hood Fanfic


2. chapter two

Chapter two

The song went on and i didn't want it to end i placed my head on Calum's shoulders. He placed his head on mine kissing it. I felt different. I thought of Calum as a friend but now i am dancing with him breathing in his sent i cant help but feel dragons in my stomach roaring around when i think of him.

The music stops and we still hold onto each other. I look Calum in the eye our noses touch. I look at his face its perfect his eyes, hair, nose, smile. "Calum?" I mumble. "Mmm" he mumbles back. "Whats love?" It came out we were there in the moment and the words fell out of my mouth. "What?" Calum asks a bit confused. "I want to know, i mean what dose it feel like?" The feelings i felt were ones i have never felt before, i assume they are love feelings because i have never felt love before. "Well love feels different to everyone it good feel happy and sad." Our noses are still touching "what do you do if your in love?" I ask looking into his eyes. "This." Calum's lips came crashing onto mine making me stumble back onto the couch. Our tongues found a way into each others mouths and they traced every bit of our mouths. Calum's hands stroked there way up along my back as my hands grabbed his hair. Calum's hands made there way to my leggings tugging them down along with my underwear. My hands follow his pulling his black skinny jeans down to his feet making him kick them of, i did the same with my leggings. I never have had sex before it was weird. Calum placed it inside me making my hands scrunch into fists and shut my eyes. It felt amazing after a while he thursted his body on mine making me scream in delight. I have always wanted this and i got it.

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