In charge H.S

Maybe I was wrong, but then again he wasn't right. But he had me right where he wanted.


1. Prolouge


This is me in the book^^

Bobbies POV

"Bobbie!" His voice boomed through the house. I sighed loudly and looked at my best friend Chrissa and said " Wish me luck!" She looked down "Your gonna need more than luck with Mr Styles," She mumbles. "BOBBIE!" He shouts even louder loosing patients. I jump at the sound of his voice and run down the halls to his office door, I knock quietly. "Enter!" He booms. I open the door dreading what he needed from me but I pluck up the courage and sit down in front on him looking down I mumble "You called Mr Styles," He sighs "Bobbie what have I told you about mumbling in front of me?" I look up fear in my eyes he could sense it. I say louder than before " Its not very lady like" He smirks at me trembling. "That's right now I called you in here because my model Lily had an incident," I shudder I knew exactly what he meant by incident. "And I was thinking your beautiful and pure so will you be my model?" I gasped tears welling in my eyes no no no not me it can't be I've been here for 2 years and now he picks me! "But sir I am underage a-and I just can't," He smirks and chucks lightly, "That's the thing its your birthday tomorrow isn't it? Your 16 right, perfect I've been waiting 2 years and now finally we start tomorrow and don't be late," He ends by licking his lips and I get up my head spinning and I leave breaking down out side the door tears spilling. You don't get it, you don't know him he's evil. He leads you into falling in love with him then he strikes poor poor Lily she was 18 older but she fell in love and look where that got her.Dead. I stand up and walk slowly to my room shutting the door going into the bathroom and getting out the blade striking my thighs three times on each. You are probably wondering why I'm here my mum died when I was 14 and my dad couldn't cope he got into trouble with Mr Styles and he took me. There are four of us girls here, only here for Mr Styles needs. I'm the youngest, he usually only takes the daughters when they are 16 or over but I got told I was a special exception. The only way you can leave is when he gets bored and trust me you don't leave only the building. You leave entirely. I wipe away the scarlett blood and put on a pair or black leggings a jumper reading 'you can't twerk with us' I then tie my hair in a messy plait and put on some eyeliner mascara a tint of blush and then head down stairs. I'm dreading tomorrow as I'm the only virgin left in this dreadful place and Harry..Mr Styles knows that.


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