In charge H.S

Maybe I was wrong, but then again he wasn't right. But he had me right where he wanted.


2. Chapter 1

Harrys POV

God she's so beautiful and pure if only she wasn't my slave. I sit back in my chair my feet propped on my desk as I hear a faint knock on my door. Who could that be?

"Come in" I say sitting up straight and removing my feet from the desk.

Chrissa appeared at the door. Don't get me wrong Chrissa is a pretty thing but she was no where near as pretty as Bobbie. She stood at the door waiting for me to look up.

"Yes?" I say in a annoyed tone.

"Urm Mr Styles sir your dinners ready" she's says confidently and then leaves with me trailing behind.

Bobbies POV

I walk in the dining hall to find Mr Styles sitting there eating dinner. Oh shit he's in here I think to myself I look down and I'm about to leave when...

"Bobbie come sit down" he says in a calm tone.

I relax a bit and go to sit down at the table.

"Yes sir" I say looking him in the eye with my most polite tone.

"I will be having a party tonight and you need to get ready for it." He tells me in the most serious tone.

This can't be right slaves don't go to Harry...Mr Styles party.

"But Mr Styles I don't have anything to wear," I realise looking down at my hands.

"Yes you do I had Chrissa and Primrose go pick you out a dress and it is laying on your bed also in 20 mins a hair and make up stylist will be here, hurry I can't wait." He says the last bit in a Pervy tone. Urgh why does he have to be such a dick if he wasn't so pervy then maybe I wouldn't hate him so much I mean he is really handsome.

"You think I'm handsome" he smirks raising a eyebrow.

I gasp I said that out loud! "Urmmm I-II go-otta get ready"

"Sure thing babe" he chuckles and I run out the dining room to my room and see this baby pink strapless dress laying there I gasp "it's beautiful" I mumble to myself. I pick up the delicate dress and slip into it once I'm in my dress I hear a knock.

"Who is it?" I question. "Your hair and make up artist" she chuckles. "Oh...come in" This gorgeous girl enters, "Hi I'm Stella I was hired by Harry" She smiles. Oh Mr Styles.

*30 mins later and my hair and make is done*

A/N I'll show a pic at the end.

"Thank you so much!" I exclaim in shock at my face in the mirror I had never felt so pretty in my life! " it's fine now get down stairs I expect harry will be waiting!" I slip on my pink bow heels and run down stairs to find my styles and 8 other boys standing there all of them but Harry smirking at me. Then Harry turns around...

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