The list.

Inspired by a personal story.


1. Hood Mali, Australia, dead.

The first time I ever saw him, he was in the streets, wandering, tears rolling down his red cheeks.

His messy dark hair were filled with transpiration and his eyes were searching someone that he will never find.

I know I'm not the one he searchs but this young men, obviously desesperate, was like me. He's searching for someone he will never see again. The worse in all that is we still have hope.

I decided to make my move, praying he won't reject me.

— Are you searching for someone ? Sorry to disturb you.

— Hum, yes but I don't find her. I don't know what I could do without her.

— Do you know there is a list with the one who survived or not ? You should check it out.

— I tried but it's too far away for me.

Saying that, I look at his legs. One if them was full of blood.

— I'm going for you. What is the names you're searching for ?

— You would do that ? Oh my God, thank you ! It's Mali Hood.

I quickly thanked him and ran to the list and searched in the H.

Harrison Darmen, America, dead.

Hatier Paul, France, dead.

Hemmings Luke, Australia, alive.

Hemmings Andrew, Australia, dead.

Hemmings Liz, Australia, dead.

Joe Hidon, America, dead.

Himmer Kyle, Canada, dead.

Hood Calum, Australia, alive.

Hood David, Australia, dead.

Hood Joy, Australia, dead.

Hood Mali. Australia, dead.

The war really made a lot of death and destroyed a lot of lives., Mali was dead. I don't know who she was but it made me sad for the boy I just meet. But maybe he knows Calum Hood, at least he hasn't lost everything unlike me.

— Mali is dead. I'm sorry, really.

— No ! She isn't ! She can't be dead ! She is the last thing I have !

— I'm so sorry. But if you want, there's a Hood called Calum who is alive. Maybe you know him.

— He's one I wish he died.

— What ? Why ?

— I am Calum Hood.

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