The list.

Inspired by a personal story.


2. Hood David, Australia, dead.

February 13th 1941, Joy Hood P.O.V.

« By decree of the King, the mobilization of the earth army is obligated. Everyone living in the English colonies has to fight for the homeland. You have to go and to present yourself at the Sydney townhall on the Monday 17th of february 1941. Whoever doesn't come will be punished. »

I finished reading and looked at David. We heard talking about those decrees and apparently, people who go mostly doesn't come back.

I don't want David to go, I don't want to loose him. The war is going to be hard, especially for us. I look at Calum and Mali. They are such beautiful kids, I don't want to lose them to. Fortunately, Calum is too young to be in the army and he will stay with me and Mali but I'm pretty sure he'll have to work. David started talking about it and how we're going to handle all this.

— Don't worry it's gonna be okay.

— What ? You're really going ? Please, don't, I need you here.

— I know but they need me over there to maybe they need me more than you will ever need me.

— How are we going to do without you ?

— I have it all planned. Calum is going to take back the factory and …

— What ? But he's only 15 !

— That's fine mom. I will do it. added Cal.

— … and Mali will keep going to school.

— While she still can …

That's sad but true. More and more school and public places are closing because of the war.

— Anyway. Hemmings is probably called aswell. You should see with Liz if you can handle it together. I heard Cal and his son are friend.

— What ?? Andrew is called ? Oh my God no ! Liz will never be able deal with it !

I was really scared about this. Liz is such a funny and talkative women and she needs to talk to someone. I should go see her later. She's a great friend of mine as her son Luke is a friend of Calum. I was desesperate but Liz was probably more. Andrew is more than everything for her.

The next day, I asked to Calum if he'd like to go see Luke and we went to their house.

Liz greeted me in tears, as I planned. Luke was crying aswell. Good for me, Cal and Mali are more courageous, I couldn't bear see them crying.

I tried to calm her down and Luke and Calum went outside.

May 27th 1945, Leah Cohen P.O.V.

— So a few weeks after my father and Andrew went, they got captured. I guess they tried to send us letter but they couldn't speak german so we never got them. One month later we had a letter saying Andrew is dead of illness and three month later, another letter saying David starved to deathe.

— Oh my God, I'm sorry. To me, it was easier, our destiny was all planned. Me and my whole family got deported. I survived because an officer "liked" me.

— Did anyone else survived ?

— I don't know for my father and my brothers, I didn't checked out. But I know for my mother, I was here when she … you know … Anyway, did you say someone called Luke Hemmings ? I think I saw it when I searched for Mali ! He is alive !

— What ? Really ? Oh Lord ! I need to see that !

— You should come with me this time, I saw people were treating the wounded. I'll help you walk.

He got up and we walked there. While he looked at the H, I looked at the C, to check out for my brothers and father.

Carrow Xander, America, dead..

Cinberg Lola, Poland, dead.

Cinberg Vladek, Poland, dead.

Clifford Daryl, Australia, dead.

Clifford Karen, Australia, dead.

Clifford Michael, Australia, alive.

Cohen Hans, Poland, dead.

Cohen Isobelle, Poland, dead.

Cohen Leah, Poland, alive.

Cohen Rener, Poland, dead.

Cohen Ephraim, Poland, dead.

They were dead. And here I was, alive in the middle of the deads. I went to see how Calum was going.

— Oh my God, Leah, I found him ! Luke is alive, Luke is alive ! Where can we find him ?

— There's a desk where we can ask for the people. But there is a long queue !

— Whatever, we should go, too bad for my leg, we'll see that later !

We went in the queue and 45 minutes later, we got here. We asked for Luke and they did a call. A few minutes later, a very tall guy with blonde hair, even messier than Calum one came and hugged Calum very tight. Hello Luke.

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