The list.

Inspired by a personal story.


4. Hemmings Liz, Australia. Dead.

May 27th 1945, Leah Cohen P.O.V.

I just can't beleive my father has done this. He always smoked but I didn't think he needed it to the point of risking someone else life. Dead of illness … I'm pretty sure Luke's father got killed by the officer to who he stoles the cigarettes. I had to apologize to him.

— I'm so sorry for your father.

— I'm sorry for your family aswell.

— Hans Cohen was my father. I'm pretty sure your father got killed because of him.

— How ? I don't think so and even if it was true, I wouldn't mind. He probably would have died anyway.

— I think he stole the cigarettes for Hans to an officer and he got caught.

— You think ? Well, I don't mind anyway though. What's your name by the way ? I don't think Calum knows it either.

— Leah. And how does it come that your … family, I guess got killed ? I mean, they weren't jew.

— At a moment, there was a point where England asked the womens of the English colonies to help for the army. Like the uniform, the food and stuff like that.

November 3rd 1943, Liz Hemmings P.O.V.

What is louder than the noise of a spoon on a plate when there is a complete silence ? Very probably nothing.

I was eating when the letters came. The past events made me scared of letters. First for Andrew. After, for Luke.

Now, I'm alone, just waiting for Luke to come back if he ever come back.

This letter was another decree. I had to go in England. Like Andrew. Like Luke.

Exept I won't fight, I won't die. I had nothing to lose anymore, I wasn't scared to go to the townhall.

Three days later, I was there. In a queue to be sent to Europe. In it, I see my neighboors, Joy and her daughter, Mali. Her husband and son got sent at war aswell and it was nice to see known faces. We talked about nothing and everything until they told us to go in a boat, which will drive us to France. Then we'll take another boat to go to England.

We got in, careless about our packages, scared for our future. Will we be alive tomorow ? God knows.


We headed to France two hours ago and now, we're waiting for our second boat. I didn't left Joy and Mali since I saw them at the townhall a few weeks ago.

We were about to go in the second boat when suddently, a men who wasn't here to have fun, kept standing in front of us. He took a few of all the womens to take them with him.

When he came next to me, I've never been so nervous in my whole life. He whispered something in German in my ears and violently took me by the arm, pushed me behind him and did the same thing with Joy and Mali.

He did it again with a dozen of other womens and told us with a german accent and a fake smile :

— We're going to take a train.

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