The list.

Inspired by a personal story.


3. Hemmings Andrew, Australia, dead.

May 27th 1945, Luke Hemmings P.O.V.

I can't beleive Calum is alive. The war has been hard for everyone and we lost sight of each other when we had to go fight in Europe. I'm so happy to see him, he is the last thing I have.

— Did anyone in your family survived ? did I asked him, praying he would say yes.

— No. David is dead right after your father, Joy went in a camp and I just learned for Mali, I don't know what happened.

— I'm very sorry for Mali though. Well that's almost the same for me. Did you know that Andrew managed to send us a letter ? Two days after we got it, we got told he was dead. He was talking about your father in it.

— What ? Really ? What was it saying ?

Spring 1941, Andrew Hemmings P.O.V.

— Juden, gehen Sie nach links ! Andere, ein Recht. 

This was screamed by the officer and even though I don't understand german, I got we had to go to the right and the jews, to the left. I saw a good part of the army go to the left even some of my close friend went there. 

We got captured than the Ennemy earlier in the morning, now they are showing us were we're got to live as hostages. I was staying with David, a great friend of mine. He got captured aswell and fortunately, we were in the same barracks. 

We tried to send letters to our family but we aren't allowed to write letters which aren't in german ! 

The condions are hard but David and I barely never complained. Our bed was next to the window and trough it, we could see the tents where the other soldiers, the jews, were living.

— Don't you think it's unfair ? We live in a deluxe suite next to them. Said David one day.

— I know right. But what can we do ? Really sometimes, I wish I could leave this barracks and go live in their tents. Like what ? We're going to die anyway so shouldn't we at least, show them that there's no difference between them and us ?

— I agree. But do you actually feel like you could live in their tents ? It's easy to talk but hard to do.

— Actually, I think I could. Would you follow me if I did ?

— Of course I will. But do think they will take us seriously when we'll say "Hey, can we go to the jews' tents, we're not but still".

— Do they even care ?

David was right. They don't care. The next day, we were in a tent with two other mens. It was probably hard for them to talk to each other, one was polish and the other one austrian. 

The austrian isn't very talkative but the polish one, a guy called Hans Cohen, speaks fluent english and is really nice. 

We have less things to eat than in the barracks and the conditions are worse. All we have to warm us at night are little covers and everyday, we have to work. 

I stayed like this 5 weeks, until Hans approached me to whisper something in my ear. 

— Do you know I actually speak german ? If you find me 20 cigarettes, I will help you send a letter to your family. I swear. 

I had no choice but accept. It took me a week to write a letter, trying to hide it from David. He would never let me taking the risk of stealing cigarettes to an officer. I know I'm risking my life. But I have to. 

After one week of writing the letter, it took me one week to find out how I could steal these cigarettes. I gave it all to Hans, he translated the letter and sent it. 

May 21th 1941, David Hood P.O.V.

 Sie! Hemmings, der Australier! Sie waren es, meine Zigaretten gestohlen !

The officier was screaming at Andrew's face. I didn't get a word but apparently something bad was going to happen !

— Hemmings, follow me in the background. said the officer with a nasty smile and a strong german accent.

I don't feel it. Something bad is going to happen to him. I'm already sorry for Liz and Calum's friend. Calum. I miss him, Mali and Joy. I hope they are doing good.

Suddently someone touched my shoulder. It was Hans.

— I'm sorry for Andrew really. But do you know I actually speak german ? If you find me 20 cigarettes, I will help you send a letter to your family. I swear.

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