Different Kind of Love

A relationship between a teacher and a student


1. First day

Scarlett’s POV

I feel today is going to be a bad day because its first day as a sophomore I wish I could restart summer I’m pretty sure it was better than this, I mean who misses school cause it’s sucks.

When I arrived to there it was packed with people then I saw familiar faces it was my boyfriend Drew and my best friend Nicole. I walked over and hugged them, we talked about our summer then the school bell interrupted us so the 3 of us walked together.

Me and Drew have only one class together because Drew is a Junior.

I walked into my first class it was Spanish I saw a  young women she said hi my name is Samantha Billson I’m a substitute she begin the class I was chatting with Nikki until I felt a soft hand on my shoulder and an angel voice called my name it was my teacher she was young I think shes in her early 20s I think 23 or 24 she told me scarlett PAY attention.                                         

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