New members

When EXO Kris and Luhan leave EXO-M, SM are looking for people to join EXO. It is a strict boys only audition but twin sisters turn up and overwhelm them with their talent!
The twins are now in EXO and they have to hide their true faces from the fans but EXO find out straight away! How will they react?


2. We're members!

Did Chanyeol just say that we are fans that broke in? Did they not know about the new members that are joining EXO?

I hear a different voice. 'What are you doing here?' I turn to who said this and saw Suho. The leader of EXO-K and he was staring at is with confusion and curiosity in his eyes.

'We are the new members,' I explain in my male voice.

'Girls aren't allowed here.' I heard a different voice again, but this time I know who it is. Soothing yet rough, I turn to the voice and see Tao. My absolute bias!

I begin to speak in mandarin so he would understand me easily. 'We are the new members..." My voice trails off. Did they know we are girls from the first time they saw us? Does that mean that we can't join EXO? I feel sis grab the bottom of my shirt and I look at her.

I just realized how short my sister is. She is only 167 cm while I am 177 cm. How is she the older one? She then says something. 'SM said that we can be members even if we are girls, we just have to hide it from people.'

I chuckle comes from Suho's direction. 'Interesting! I look froward to your company in our band from now on!' He walks up to me and bows. The other members soon began to bow in our direction. Some had hesitated with a sad look on their face.

'How about introductions?' I hear D.O say.

'Let's start with the quiet one! What's your name?'Chen asks.

I look at Tao and realize that he is staring at me and when I notice he still doesn't look away. I quickly look away after staring for a couple of seconds and hold sis' hand to give her confidence. She begins to talk.

'I am Stephanie Jones. I am normally really shy around new people but when I get to know you I will get louder. I sing.'

'Ok! Next, the tall one!' I look at Baekhyun as he says this and I realize how I am tall in a way, at least taller than a couple members.

'Hey. I'm Jessie Jones and I dance. Sis and I are twins, she is the older somehow. We moved from America to Korea when we were around 14 and we are now 18." I finish my introduction and now and my sister joins me.

'ow do you know mandarin?' I don't even have to look to know it is Tao.

'I am kinda really good at learning languages, I started to learn it after hearing EXO. I am now fluent.' Looking over to see Tao I see him still staring at me. I don't look away this time.

'Well let's test your skills! I'm curious as to why SM chose 2 girls.' Some music starts to play and I instantly know it is EXO's miracles in December. 'Stephanie do you want to sing this?' Asked xiumin who was sitting on the ground stretching.

Sis nods and looks over to me, I reassure her with a smile as I lean against the wall to the side. She begins singing and all the members have their breath taken away as soon as she starts. They realize how strong and smooth her voice is.

She finishes strong when they finish it halfway through the song, they all get up and bow to her to thank her for her performance.

'Now for Jessie, was it?' I nod at Suho's question and walk up to the stage. I made sure to wear clothes I could easily dance in, a loose top, this way they won't be able to realize I'm a girl, and loose shorts. I re-tie my hair into a ponytail and I take as deep breath.

'What song?' Kai asks me.

'Anything. I will just dance freestyle,' they all look at me with doubt as I said this. These guys really doubt me don't they?

I hear the song overdose come on. I look at them and they are focused on me, I am starting to feel the pressure. I just have to show them that I can dance right?

I move to a starting position and I mimic the clapping noises that play. I then dance the choreo of overdose but I add my moves in and replace moves with other moves. They continue the song all the way through and I end with a backflip, landing then going into a backwards handstand. What can I say, I like doing backflips and handstands.

They all look at me with shock in their eyes. Did they really not expect stuff like that? I hear lay speak while I try and catch my breath. 'Where did you learn to dance like that?'

'I don't know, I just kinda do it.' I give a simple answer because I am tired from the dance.

Sis walks up to me and hugs me with a big smile on her face. She let's go and we notice that all 10 EXO members have lined up in front of us. 'Welcome to EXO! We accept you joining our band. Stephanie as a new vocalist and Jessie as our dancer. Introductions!' As Suho finishes his welcome the EXO members have a hint of sadness in their eyes but also a look of relief.

I am Suho, leader and vocalist. Apart of EXO-K and looking forward to working with you. Let's get to know eachother.

The name is Chen. I'm vocalist and am looking foward to working with you in EXO-M!

Welcome to EXO, I'm Sehun the maknea and dancer for EXO.

Hello I am Xiumin. I am in charge if the vocals and dance for EXO-M. Let's have fun.

Hi, I'm D.O. Welcome to EXO.

Hey there! I'm chanyeol, I'm in charge of rapping and I welcome you to EXO.

My name is Lay, welcome to EXO-M. I look forward to dancing with you in the future.

Hello I am Baekhyun and welcome to EXO. I'm in charge of vocals.

I'm the dancer for EXO-K, Kai, I welcome you to EXO.

Last it was Tao and there was a really awkward silence before he began his introduction.

Welcome, I hope you treat us well from now on.

With this all of the members say their slogan and bow, sis and I bow to them aswell. After bowing I look over to Tao to see him staring at me again. Why does he keep staring?

I feel a tug at the bottom of my short and I look at sis. She looks worried, maybe she noticed how I am stressing about something. I just smile and she smiles back. I look over to Tao and our eyes do not separate until Suho announces training is starting.

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