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When EXO Kris and Luhan leave EXO-M, SM are looking for people to join EXO. It is a strict boys only audition but twin sisters turn up and overwhelm them with their talent!
The twins are now in EXO and they have to hide their true faces from the fans but EXO find out straight away! How will they react?


4. To china!

Ok so that you guys know, when italics is used it is when english is spoken or thought. It is only english when the are speech marks at there otherwise it is korean. Thanks!


As we board the plane, the people give all of the EXO members sad looks, must be something to do with the two members leaving. I am filled with guilt as we enter the gold class part of the plane.

All of the members make themselves comfortable and so do I, as soon as I do so I feel a wave of exhaustion hit me. Halfway through the pilot's announcement I fall into a deep sleep, dreaming about performing on stage with EXO.



I am rudely awoken by the plane landing hard on the runway. I slowly open my eyes and look to the side, only to see the members fixing their hair and clothes. As for me, the first priority is to see if I still look like a guy, luckily I do with just the fix of my hair and hat.

Sis is still asleep so I lean over and flick her forehead, she wakes up instantly. Oh the power of flicking.

'What's happening?' Sis asks rubbing her eyes, I try and fix her hair but I can't, I guess we have to get the professional to fix this.

'It's time to land,' I manage to mostly fix her hair and make her look like a guy, I guess now there is no need for the professional.

Lay begins to announce something. 'Recently we have had some trouble with members. However, that is all over now, this is all thanks to the American twins, Stephanie and Jessie.' Everyone gives a light clap and the manager takes Lay's place up front.

'Today we will be going to an interview, will Stephanie and Jessie need translaters?' We shake our head since we are already practically fluent. Manager nods at this and continues. 'In the interview one of the main subjects will be our next comeback and the new members, I trust that you will say only the necessary things.'

Manager sits down and the pilot makes another announcement.' You may now unfasten your seatbelt and exit the plane.' A beep ends the announcement and everyone stands up. Sis struggles to carry her bag since she is so small and skinny.

'Want help sis?'

'Yes,' she answers puffing from her hard work, I giggle at this. She is so cute.

As we are leaving the plane I am carrying two bags while sis carries both of our pillows. Lay exits first, Chen second, Xiumin third, sis goes fourth, I go fifth and tao goes last. I feel Tao's hand on my hand carrying sis' bag, he then grabs the handle of the bag and pulls it away. I look at Tao, is he just being nice?

As we walk through the airport lots of fans come over and ask for autographs, sis and I were never asked.


While we are heading to the hotel that were are staying at for four nights and five days, we split into two cars with three members in each. In my car there was Chen and Tao, Chen was practicing mandarin while Tao was on his phone.

I speak in mandarin. 'What are you guys doing?' I am just curious and Tao briefly looks up at me and then back to his phone.

'Texting my mum.' A smile creeps it's way onto Tao's face as he says this.

'I am practicing mandarin for the interview, I want to get rid of the translators as quickly as possible.' Again, a smile creeps onto Chen's face as he says this.

'Why do you guys have such soft smiles on your faces?' I ask this in both Korean and mandarin so that they both understand fully.

'Because EXO will not break up now' Chen explains, I look over to Tao who has a tear rolling down his face, however, he is still smiling. I can't help but smile at this.

The driver speaks up. 'We have arrived at the hotel, people will bring the bags up so you don't have to worry about that.'

We pull into the car park and the two boys, with amazing speed, jump out of the car. Tao runs over to my side; since he was on the other side of the car. He holds out his hand to help me out of the car, I hold onto it and hop out of the car. As we begin to walk up, Tao never let go of my hand for some reason.

This is a dream come true! Being apart of EXO and going to an interview with EXO-M since I am now a member, holding hands with my bias and dancing with my sister, how can this get any better?


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