New members

When EXO Kris and Luhan leave EXO-M, SM are looking for people to join EXO. It is a strict boys only audition but twin sisters turn up and overwhelm them with their talent!
The twins are now in EXO and they have to hide their true faces from the fans but EXO find out straight away! How will they react?


3. Start of our idol career

Once training is finished, Suho, had pulled sis and I aside. 'Since you girls are officially members of EXO, we would appreciate it if you moved into our dorms. We will sort everything out with your parents, all you need to do is hide that you are girls.'

We stare at him, he stares back.

I guess it wouldn't be so bad to move into a dorm. I look at sis, she is looking at the ground.

'Sure. It would make it easier to be a member. But what about school? It would be bad if they found out that people from our school are in exo. We are in our last year of high school so it is important.' Suho thinks about what to do.

'How about you transfer schools? You can go to a school as boys.' What?! How are we supposed to do that? But when I think about it, it is EXO that we are talking about, they could pull it off.

'So when do we move in? We are good whenever.'

'How about in 2 days? Everything can be prepared by then.' 2 days? I guess this is how KPop bands roll.

I put my hand to my forehead and sigh, sis is still looking at the floor. 'What do you think sis? Are you in on the idea of moving in?'

She looks up and I notice her eyes, they are so bright with excitement. 'Yes!' Suho laughs at her answer.

'Ok, go home and rest while SM works out how to do this. I hope you treat us well from now on,' Suho bows and sis and I bow back.


We are back home after once again being driven in a limousine. I walk up stairs and sis follows me. Sis jumps on by bed and lands on her stomach, she let's out a laugh.

'We really just joined EXO!'She continued to laugh. I laugh aswell. This is really going so fast, my brain can even handle it.

I lay down onto my bead and look at the ceiling. 'This is going by so fast, I don't even know what's going on anymore.'

We didn't say anything after that, we just fell asleep.



The next morning was crazy. the EXO manager had come last night and combined my parents to let us move into the dorm. I have no idea how, but I do know I am scared to know. Sis and I are now in our usual limousine, we are driving to the EXO dorm which all of the members are in now.

We arrive and see lots of paparazzi outside the dorm. They must know about new members, now I know why they dressed us as boys again. We make it past the paparazzi and enter the dorm. It is so clean and big.

The dorm is in a hotel that is designed for SM idols.

'Your first appearance is tomorrow at an interview on a Chinese show.' I turn around to see the manager looking at me. I am about the same height as him so it is kind of awkward. 'You leave on a plane this afternoon.' He walks away with that.

'He is just nervous about you joining don't worry. Oh and, where is your sister, Stephanie?' I look around after hearing lay's question.

'Where is she?' I hear sis screaming as I ask this.

'Sis this is so cool! We are going to China this afternoon! How cool!' Sis is jumping around everywhere.

I hear lay laugh. 'I guess this is the start of your career as an idol!'

'Time to catch the plane!' I hear the manager shout. 'There is traffic problems so we have to leave now!'

What a great start.

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