New members

When EXO Kris and Luhan leave EXO-M, SM are looking for people to join EXO. It is a strict boys only audition but twin sisters turn up and overwhelm them with their talent!
The twins are now in EXO and they have to hide their true faces from the fans but EXO find out straight away! How will they react?


5. Interview

When we arrive at the room we are staying in, sis and I are amazed. It is so big! All of the members don't even look surprised, probably because they have been in this business for longer than three years now.

All of the boys race off, Tao told me because they are fighting for the best rooms and beds. They are like little boys on a vacation.

Sis and I wait until all of the rooms have been occupied since we don't want to be involved in boys tackling each other for a bed. I am in a room with Lay, sis is with Chen, Xiumin and Tao are together. The manager and staff are in a different room.

As we are all settling down the manager walks in. We all sit down in the lounge room, manager begins to talk. 'Our interview is in three hours and we will be heading down to the studio in thirty minutes. Get ready and then we have to go.' With this the manager leaves.

We all head back to our rooms and collapse on our beds. 'Are you guys always so busy?' I ask Lay once we collapse on our bed.

'I guess. It is a bit rushed right now because of all of the stuff going on, but now we are rushed to introduce you guys to the fans. We better get ready.'

1hour later...

We are getting our makeup done and the boys are pretty much ready. Sis is pretty close, but I am still getting ready. I have long hair so it is hard to manage it all, I decided to get it cut, so they did. Now it is just long enough to tie up for dancing, but short enough to be easy to work with.

'EXO-M please make your way to the stage for rehearsal.' I hear a voice through the speakers. Lucky I just finished, I look in the mirror. This is shocking! I look so much like a guy!

All the members start to move out and sis grabs my arm dragging me with her, I am brought back to reality as we enter the stage. All of the lights were on us. We saw seats with our names on them signaling which seat we were to sit at.

For the rehearsal it was more checking our microphones and practicing our performance. I am surprised to see how fast time had passed, it was now only twenty minutes until the performance and interview.

Sis was instructed to only speak if a question was focused on her, I was told to speak whenever needed.

Ten minutes until interview.

Five minutes...

'All members please get into position for your opening performance of growl.' We head to our positions. For this performance we will be performing completely live.

The interviewer says the introductions the crowd cheers. She then does the signal for the music to start, as the music starts a curtain at the back of the stage was raised and we all begin singing and dancing.

Sis is replacing Luhan and I am replacing kris. Sis will rap and sing though, I will just dance since I have no vocal skills.

The crowd cheers the whole way through the song but when sis' solo comes up the cheers become more quiet. They probably thought she was just a backup dancer.

The song ends and the crowd cheers. As we all move to our seats a break is called so that everything can be set up.

'That was a lovely performance! If I may ask, who are you?' The interviewer looks at sis and I.

I answer with my male voice, which I will have to use the whole interview. 'We are the new members. I'm Jessie and this is Stephanie. We are twin brothers.'

Chen was about to say something but was interrupted by a man. 'Break over in thirty seconds.'

We all move to positions and I am between Lay and Chen. I will be translating for Chen and sis will be translating for Xiumin.

Filming in 3, 2, ...

'Welcome back! We just saw an amazing performance by EXO-M! Most of you may have noticed that there has been a bit of a change, there are two new members who have joined in place of Luhan and Kris. Please introduce yourselves,'

'Hello! We are the new EXO-M members, please treat us kindly!' We bow and the crowd remains quiet. But slowly begin to clap.

'Please tell us about yourselves.' The interviewer asks.

'Where to begin,' I begin

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