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When EXO Kris and Luhan leave EXO-M, SM are looking for people to join EXO. It is a strict boys only audition but twin sisters turn up and overwhelm them with their talent!
The twins are now in EXO and they have to hide their true faces from the fans but EXO find out straight away! How will they react?


1. Audition

I am going to fill you in on everything! EXO is a popular KPop band and my absolute favourite band. Recently 2 members have left. That is pretty much everything needed to know for now!


It has now been a couple of months since everything with EXO has calmed down. It is now 2015 and there are auditions for 2 new members in EXO since Kris and Luhan left.

My twin sister and I moved to South Korea from America 4 years ago when we were 14, by now we are fluent in Korean and are crazy about EXO! We were so heart broken to see 2 EXO members leave. We are even more sad to see that SM, EXO's agency, is holding auditions for new members. I am going to audition even though it is a strictly boys only audition, I need to get into SM and see what had caused Kris and Luhan to leave!

'Sis! It is time for dinner!' I hear my elder twin sister yelling for me while running up the stairs. I am about to open my bedroom door when she swings it open making the door hit my face. I fall to the ground my head bleeding and my sister laughing and pointing. I glare at her and reveal a bleeding forehead.

I feel anger coursing through my veins when I just pull her inside and shove her on the bed, I sit next to her after closing the door and look at her. 'Sis, look at what you just did! How am I even supposed to audition for EXO now?'I put my hand over my mouth. I didn't mean to tell her about the audition.

'What audition? I want to audition aswell!' I look at her, stunned at what she just said.

'Do you know what you just said? Can you even dance, sing or rap?' I have never seen her dance or sing or anything! How is she supposed to audition? I can dance pretty well, more like I can dance after seeing the choreography just once.

'Of course I can sing.' Oh no she has the face where she thinks she will do well.

'Let's hear it then.' I suggest trying to sound like I believe her.

She clears her throat and starts to sing 'I’m struggling to find you who I cannot see

I’m struggling to find you who I cannot hear

I see things that I couldn’t see before

I hear things that I couldn’t hear before

After you left me, I have grown a power that I didn’t have before,' she stops and I can only stare at her. When did she become such a good singer? How can she sing miracles in December by EXO so well?

'Auditions are this Saturday, do you know the lyrics to mama?' This dance can show off my abilities and her voice.

'Yeah. Are we going to practice?"

'No, I know the dance backwards all you need to do is sing and I will dance along.' I reply motioning her to the door. She gets off my bed and turns around.

'I hope we make the audition!' I hope aswell. I go to sleep without dinner since I wasn't hungry, just nervous.



Ugh so nervous. Sis and I had to dress up like boys so that we don't get spotted.

'NO LET ME GO!! I JUST WANN MEET EXO!' I turn my head to see a girl screaming as a girl is carried away by a security guard.

'We better not get caught.' I whisper.

We are number 43 for the audition and up next. Apparently no one has passed so that is a plus.

" number 43 to audition room please."

Oh god! Sis grabs my hand calming me down and I look at her. We both nod and walk to the audition.

I open the door and see the judges across the room sitting behind their desk. 'Are you number 43?' A woman asks

I practiced my guy voice just for this. 'Yes.' I answer as best I could and they look at sis and she nods.

'Name, age and nationality please.' They look at us. They obviously know that we are not asian but they don't have to say it in the tone they did.

'We would like to say that after we audition if we make it. No point if we don't make it right?' Did I sound a bit too snobby? I am trying to leave an impression.

'Begin.' A man said

The music turns on to mama and sis starts singing. They notice her high voice straight away and I walk over to them and explain how 'he' has a high voice when singing.

While sis sings I dance along. We were in unison and 1:39 into the song they stop us. 'We are amazed. You have brilliant talent, I believe that everyone would agree if I say that you fit into EXO well.' They all nod their heads and sis bows. Big mistake.

Her hat falls off.

They have a look of shock but expecting it. 'We are sorry for lying to you. We are twin sisters from America.' I take my hat off revealing my long brown hair.

'You pass.' What? What is this woman saying? 'As long as you agree to disguise as boys you are now members of EXO. Good luck.' With that we are escorted out of the room and into a car which takes us home.


It is now wednesday and it is the first day of meeting EXO and we have to dress as boys again. Sis is panicking, I can't believe she is the older one by 2 minutes. But because we are exactly identical I have more confidence since sis is really pretty so I am.

We are in the same car as Saturday and are driving toward SM to train and introduce ourselves. I see the building getting close and we just have to turn a corner, I look over at sis and she looks like she will have a heart attack. I hold her hand as we pull up outside the building and give her a smile.

We walk in and all we see is a bunch of people dancing around the lobby. What is this?

We are once again escorted to the 7th floor of the building and are brought to a training room which says 'EXO ONLY'. We take in a deep breathe and enter.

I look around and see 10 guys stretching and laughing. Wow, it's really EXO!

'Hey, some fans snuck in!' Chanyeol shouts this and points to us. Does he not know about is being new members? 'A pair of girls disguised themselves as guys and came in!'

Uh oh!

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