Locker buddies (non famouse)

Stella is a 16 year old girl who is being forced in a relation ship by her parents for Business. What her parents don't know is that her "boyfriend" they set her up with is holding her against her will. What happens when she meets her locker buddie. What happens when her boyfriend finds out? All you have to do is read it.....


1. locker buddies

WAKE UP STELLA!! my mom called for me down stairs. I was going to this new school in 10th grade and I'm 16. The reason why I switched schools was because my parents meet this new rich family and they have a son my age and we are being forced to date. His name is Brandon and he's super cute but there's one thing, he's REALLY touchy, like every second his hand is on my butt, waist, stomach and sometimes my chest. To be honest I would do anything to get out of this relation ship but my parents really want to make business with his parents so I have to stay with him for what feels like forever!

When I got up I got dressed I put on some denim skinny jeans with a with shirt and a red flannel with some boots. I straightened my hair and brushed my teeth. Then I went downstairs and ate breakfast. Brandon's here! My mom said excitedly. Errrr I hate being in a car alone with him. I walked outside and there he was leaning against his tesla. ERRR. Hey babe! He said as he slapped my butt. I got in the car and it was 7:30 and school starts at 8:30. As he started driving I asked, why did you pick me up so early? As I said that he had the light bulb idea face. Oh that reminders me. As he said that he took a sharp turn into a empty alley and parked. So I could do this he said as he started to unbuckle his seatbelt. Then I knew what he was doing. He started to grab my neck and waist and started to harshly suck on my neck. He has tried to do this before but I always get away. I tried pushing away but he just held his grip tighter. I was so fed up with this so I pushed with all my strength and jumped out of the car and started running. Then I heard his tires shriek against the ground so he started chasing me in his car and we all know that a human cant outrun a car. He stopped right when I feel down from being out of breath. He got out of the car and grabbed my neck pretty tight but not tight enough to kill me but just enough to choke me. If you ever try to run away from again you will be sorry. After he said that he dragged me back into his car and finally took me to school.

Hey I'm Stella! Let me tell you about my self, I have long dirty blonde hair that is a little wavy, I have blue green eyes and freckles across my nose. I'm about 5'6 and I'm a dancer. And I have tannish skin. I'm from LA California but my parents made me move to Holmes Chapel in the UK. Big change. I also have three older brothers that are now in college. All caught up? Good. Back to the story.

The whole car ride was silent. When we got to the school. We got out and he grabbed my hand really hard and whispered in my ear, if you tell anyone what happened I will hurt you and everyone you love. After he said that he squeezed my hand as hard as he could which made me wimp. And I just nodded my head.

We walked into the school and it was pretty big and full of teenagers. Right know it was 8:00 so I had to get to my locker and set it up before my first period.when I finally found it and was about to put in the code a boy put his hand on it the same time I did. I was really surprised why he was trying to open my locker. I looked at him with a confused look and realized how adorable he was. His brown curls and sparkly green eyes and the cutest dimples you've ever seen. He was definitely my type. He spoke up and said "uhh I think this is my locker". I checked my paper and realized mine was the one right next to him. I was so embarrassed. " I'm ... I'm sorry" I said. Omg I hate myself I'm so embarrassing. "It's fine it seems like we are locker buddy's!" He said cheekily. He made me feel a lot better. " I guess so!" I said. "What's your name love?" LOVE HE JUST CALLED ME LOVE!!! DOES HE LOVE ME. Then remembered that's what British people call each other on a daily basis. "Stella"I said. "That is a beautiful name, I'm Harry" I was totally blushing because he was so sweet

and i think he noticed because ha started to laugh a little. "WHAT!" I said while he was still laughing. "Your so cute when you blush" he laughed. "We'll I've never been treated this way bye a boy before!" I said laughing with him. "So you don't have a boyfriend?" He said with an eyebrow lifted. Then I remembered Brandon. "Well..." Right then Brandon walked up and lifted me up from the back."hey babe I missed you" I looked at Harry and I felt horrible and that Harry was going to hate me. He turned me around and tried to make out with me. I pushed him of and said. "Brandon please" I begged.

He started laughing and said "alright babe catch you later" he said smacking my butt again. A disgusted look appeared on my face. "Who was that?" Harry asked with Disappointment in his eyes "that's my boyfriend" I said in a disappointed voice. "do you even like him? " he asked. I shook my head. "What then why are you dating him?" He asked. "I'll tell you later" he nodded.

Harrys p.o.v

When I went to get my stuff out of my locker this girl was about to open my locker so I asked her why and she ended up being new here and having the lockers right next to me. To be honest she was most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She has long golden hair, the most beautiful eyes and the cutest freckles you've ever seen. We were having great conversation until her boyfriend came up and grabbed her from behind and started making out with your right In front of me which broke my heart. I asked her who it was and she said it's her boyfriend but she said it really disappointed and I asked her why and if she even liked him and she said no she said she'd tell me later.

I couldn't stop think about Stella. She was so beautiful and funny and cheerful. Her eyes got me lost in the sea and her hair is like the color of heaven and I have no doubt that she is an angel. She looked so unhappy with that jerk and I just wanted to grab her from him and protect her in my arms. I really think I was falling for her.

When I said bye to Stella I told her to meet me at lunch.

Right now I have life science and it really sucks because I'm the only person in the class that doesn't have a lab partner to sit with. When everyone was sitting down Stella walked into the room and the teacher announced her name and introduced her to the class and pointed her to the direction of the seat right next to me and told her we are going to be lab partners. A huge smile was on my Face and I didn't even realize it until she sat down. I said "hi". I was so happy she's my partner. The teacher started talking and she started saying " We are going to have a new project with our lab partners. It is going to be preparing you for your future. You will be given a realistic baby that does all of the typical baby tasks like, crying going to the bathroom, getting hungry, getting tired, and last of all you need to keep it happy as much as possible. We are going to get started with project right away" then she started pacing out everything then she said " and this baby will be taken care of at home and you and your partner will have to meat up. I looked down at stella and I smiled like crazy. This was going to be a good week.

Stella's p.o.v

After hearing what the teacher said I was excited about hanging out with

Harry all the time but also nervous because what if Brandon figures it out. He will kill me. I looked at Harry and he seemed pretty excited as well. I'm really lucky to have him he's really my only friend here. I smiled back and we figured what times would be good to hang out or "work". After a few other classes without Harry it was finally lunch. Luckily I only had lunch with Harry and not Brandon. When I went to were Harry said he would meat me, under the willow tree, I found him sitting there eating a sandwich. I sat down next to him as he swallow a big gulp of food he said " start talking" I wasn't going to tell him what he did to me this morning because i would never want him to get hurt so I was just going to leave out that part."well basically my parents forced me to date him and I really don't like him because he's really touchy and all, but I can't break up with him because my parents are doing business with his parents and if I break up with him then they think they might break the deal" he shrugged. "What?" I asked "nothing....nothing" he said. "well anyways I was thinking about applying for a job at the local bakery,what do you think about that?" His face brightened up then he said "yes! I work there Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays you should come work with me!" " Okay!"

"I have an idea, I'll call Mary and tell her that you're going to apply for a job today and I can help you out she will definitely agree, she loves me." He said really happy.

" Ya! that sounds great!"

School ended and I went up to Brandon and told him that I was applying for a job today and I didn't need a ride home. It took me a while to convince him but he finally said yes and left. Harry was waiting for me to call him and tell him that the coast was clear and that he could give me a ride to the bakery. He opened the car door for me which Brandon never does, and I hoped right in and thanked him.

The whole car ride was great. We played music and we laughed and we talked. when we finally got to the bakery we walked out and Harry introduced me to Mary, Mary was a really sweet little old lady. She gave me an apron and told me to work with Harry for the rest of the night and practice for tomorrow. Mary had to go so she just locked up the bakery which let me and Harry alone. First he showed me where all the supplies was then how to bake a few things then how to work the cash register then how to clear the tables and set them and then just a few mor things until we were done. It was raining really hard and then it started hailing and then it turned into a big snowstorm before we knew it all the roads were closed. As we were listening to the radio Harry turned it off and said "well it looks like we're stuck here for a couple hours, what do you want to do?" " uhhhh... I don't know" I said. " oh I have an Idea!" He said excitedly. TRUTH OR DARE, okayy. You go first Stella. Okay ummm truth or dare? DARE! Ok Harry, I dare you to.... Sing in your BEST voice! Okay. What should I sing? I don't know, anything. He started with, isn't she lovely isn't she wonderful, and on. He was really good and that made me fall even harder for him.

Your so good!! Not really, but thanks. Truth or dare? Truth. Weenie . HEYYY. Okay.What are your hobbies? I like to dance and I love fashion. Truth or dare Harry?

Truth. Do you have a girl friend? Not at the moment but I defetly have my eye on someone. He's such a dork. Ok Stella truth or dare! Truth i don't know if I can trust you with a dare yet. I smiled. Okayyyy he said. do u sing. NO! Haha okay your turn! Harold, truth or dare! I said creaking up. DARE he screamed. OH I HAVE ONE!! You have to crack two eggs over your head,EWWWW NOOO!! You have to! Fine!he ran up and grabbed to eggs from the fridge and said "okay on the count of three" I nodded and got up to watch him. " one, two, three!" He cracked it on his head as it went down is curls

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