code Geass ???

luluko finds a young Britannica soldier with special powers called Geass . he Tells her to stay Away now Luluko and the Young man Must help to Save Japan


1. a strange man in the Forest

That Dark Scary night Full of Monster until Recently i have been Coming to This Dark Forest . The News Said That a Soldier of Britannia had been Found This week . That morning Before i left the Mansion ," My Mother " i mumbled in that dark Night . I entered the Forest Not having fears or Worries About what was to come About my life . i heard Rustling in some bushes Then Suddenly There was a Loud Bang A Young man Unconscious layed on the Ground Before be . My Body Suddenly started Trembling in Fear but I Kneel Down to the Young Man Shaking him a but to see if he Would Wake up He didn't but he was Breathing , I sighed Heavily Picking him up from The Ground Even it was to Dark i could Tell he was a Soldier of Britannia because He was Wearing Armor . The Armor Shined as we Exited the Forest I smiled And Said Quietly to myself " I should Be careful Because Father Said to be At Night " I walked Back to the Mansion I Lived In as We Entered the Mansion Full of Light I Smiled Slightly , i felt Safe In the Mansion i walked Up The Stairs That lead to my Room i Walked up the Stairs and Entered my Room Quietly . I placed the Young Man on My Bed and Sighed Heavily " I would Want to Sleep But Since i have No school Tomorrow it'll Be okay" I mumbled , i knelt Down Near the bed Slowly Falling Asleep Until Morning .

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