I'll Never Stop Loving You

Maddy just moved in with her Aunt after her parents are brutally murdered. She meets her cousin Ashton, who she now lives with, and 3 other guys who are Ashton's best friends and band members.. :)


5. Scars

 The car ride was silent. I don't know about Aunt Evelyn... Like one minute she sweet and nice then the next she telling you to stay away from someone. Like What? Okay so we get to the house. It's beautiful! The garage is closed. But I hear laughing coming from it. I get out of the car and grab my bags. " And aunt Evel-" She drives off not letting me finish my sentence. I roll my eyes and turn around to see the boy that Aunt Evelyn was describing to stay away from. " Oh My God you scared me half to death." I say looking down " Who are you?" He says staying serious. " Umm I'm Ashtons Cousin" I say. He didn't tell his band members? Mhm. "Ashton!" Luke yells as a boy with curly brown hair comes out of the front door. " What Luke?" He says while looking and sounding half asleep.  " Is this your cousin?" He says while still looking at me. Ashton suddenly widens his eyes and runs over to me and hugs me. "Maddy are you okay?" he says now sounding wide awake. "Yea Don't worry about me I'm perfectly fine." I say. He takes my arm and pulls up my sleeves and sees my scars. "Really? Your perfectly fine huh?" he says letting go of my arm."Ash.. I stopped 2 weeks ago and I haven't wanted to since.... Seriously I'm okay." I say looking at him. " Okay but you never do that again! If you ever think about doing that again you come to me or Luke or Micheal or even Calum!" He says. "Okay Ash. Wheres my room?" I say changing the subject. "I'll show you in a minute  but I'm just sayin Don't go to my mom for help! and I'm not expaining now." He says I agree then he shows me to my room Its smallish but its cozy. "Knock Knock" I here someone say. I turn around to see Luke   "Do you ever stop scaring me?"I say laughing. He laughed. "Hey sorry I was rude back there. Some fan broke into Ashton's house and I thought you might have been one of them." He says. " Oh it's fine I'm a fan but I wouldn't do that." I say 

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