I'll Never Stop Loving You

Maddy just moved in with her Aunt after her parents are brutally murdered. She meets her cousin Ashton, who she now lives with, and 3 other guys who are Ashton's best friends and band members.. :)


1. Prologue

Hi. I'm Maddy. I'm 16 years old and I live in England. My parents are both police officers and I am an only child but i had a twin sister but she died at birth. I wasn't affected by it though.  Also my godmother died when I was 5. I have had 6 deaths in my family (or close friends) lately. I've  learned to deal with it though. But when my parents died I broke down as most people would do. But the sadness hit me from all the other deaths in my family. I tried to kill myself 3 times. But luckily I was living with a police officer for 5 weeks until they finally found someone I could live with. My aunt lives in Sydney Australia so I have to leave my best friend Mia. She has never left my side. She stayed with the police officer and me for those 5 weeks and she saved my life when I committed suicide. I now have to go and live with someone I don't even know.... Lets see how this goes.  

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