I'll Never Stop Loving You

Maddy just moved in with her Aunt after her parents are brutally murdered. She meets her cousin Ashton, who she now lives with, and 3 other guys who are Ashton's best friends and band members.. :)


3. Eli

I get on the plane to leave England. I start to cry... My parents are dead.. I'm moving across the world from the only person that cares about me... Why? Why the hell is my life so terrible? " Are you okay?" The guy next to me says "Uh Ya Its nothing."   I lie " You know we kinda got round 5 hours... You can tell me if you want to get it out." He says then smiles "Um It's not the happiest story but, My parents are dead and I'm moving halfway across the world from the only one who cares about me" I say really fast. " I know I haven't known you long but dude... I care!" He says then smiles. I laugh "Dude I don't even know your name!" I laughed. "Let me guess.... Uhhhh Emily?  No No No.. Alex yeah thats it..." He smiles  "Actually is Maddy." I say then smile "Wow! I was about to guess that! And I'm Eli. Nice to meet you!" He said then stuck out his hand to shake hands. " Nice to meet you too!" I say while shaking his hand.  We chat for around 2 hours. Then we watch a movie on the TV thing on the airplane. 15 minutes into the movie he looks at me. " Your beautiful." He says smiling "Uhh Thank y-" He cuts me off with a kiss. I kinda kiss back but I pull away." Thank you." I say referring to when he called me beautiful.  We continue watching the movie. Well He did I just couldn't stop thinking about it. Was that for real? Was it a joke? 

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