I'll Never Stop Loving You

Maddy just moved in with her Aunt after her parents are brutally murdered. She meets her cousin Ashton, who she now lives with, and 3 other guys who are Ashton's best friends and band members.. :)


8. Best Friend

Warning: Cussing and Violence

I wake up in a room I didn't know of. I mumbled a cuss word to myself after I noticed my nose was dripping blood. I had someones hoodie on that was not mine. The phone in the hoodie started to ring . I took it out of the pocket and read the caller ID. It was me. I didnt have my phone with me. I answered it. " H-hello" I said. "Hi, is this Maddy?" He said. "Luke?" I said confused. "Oh my gosh Maddy where are you? I found the car he picked you up in on the side of the road with your phone in it. Are you okay?" he said sounding panicked. " I honestly don't know. I woke up in this room. I'm gonna get out of here. Stay on the phone with me. I remember where we were." I said getting up."Wait. Is there a window in the room?" He said sounding really scared."Yes." I said walking toward it. "Look outside it." He told me. I did and I saw him standing next to a car close to me. " Luke I see you. I'm coming." I went to get out the window but I was pulled back by someone. I turned around to see Eli. "You slut!" He yelled then smacked me across the face. I socked him right in the nose and jumped out the window. I ran strait to Luke and his car. "What the hell just happened? Why are you bleeding?" Luke asked. "Just drive. He's gonna catch up!" I yelled then we drove off. When we got to the house Micheal, Calum, and Ashton were playing Fifa. I locked the door. "So are you gonna tell me what the hell happened?" Luke said. "What? Maddy. What happened?" Ashton asked looking concerned. Everyone looked at me ready for me to explain. I sat on the couch. I can't tell them the truth. I bite my lip. "Okay. I was about to climb out the window to go to Luke. And I was pulled back by Eli. Eli thought I was an intruder so he hit my face. Then he saw me and he told me he was very sorry and I told him I had to go." I lied "But why did you tell me he was gonna catch up. Crap. "Uhh he wanted to hang out more and I didn't because my face got cut. He was joking and said i'm gonna get you." Everyone looked relived except for Luke. "Maddy can I talk to you." Luke said, playing with his lip ring."Yeah Luke?" I said once we were in a separate room, holding back tears." I know that all is bullshit. Why are you lieing?" I couldn't hold it in anymore I just bursted out into a river of tears." I really like him. He told me it would never happen again." I said. He looked like he was about to run over there and kill Eli."Thank you. For being here for me. Your my best friend." I said then hugged him and walked out.


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