I'll Never Stop Loving You

Maddy just moved in with her Aunt after her parents are brutally murdered. She meets her cousin Ashton, who she now lives with, and 3 other guys who are Ashton's best friends and band members.. :)


4. Aunt Evelyn

I get off the plane and I see Eli. "Hey wait Maddy!" He yells " Oh hey" I say with my head looking around for My aunt. "Umm I was gonna ask you for your number. But if you don't want to give it to me that's fine too" He said very nervously." Oh Yeah!" I say as he gives me his phone and I give him my phone to give me his number. I Put in my number in his phone then took a silly selfie and put it as my caller ID." Thanks and if you ever need to talk call me or text me." He said then kissing me on the cheek to say goodbye. "Bye Eli..." I said looking into his beautiful brown eyes. He smirked then he waved goodbye. Someone tapped my shoulder. "Oh My God Madalyn your so beautiful!" The lady said. I looked at the picture of my aunt on my phone. Yep that's her. "Hi aunt Evelyn.And Thank you." I said slightly smiling. " No Problem Sweetie and see I have to go on Vacation with my Fiance Jack. I can't move the time because we already booked the hotel in Hawaii. I'm sorry but do you drive?" She said. " No but I'm old enough to take drivers Ed." I say when I look at her, shes had the ugliest dress on I've ever seen. " Ok well your going to have to catch a ride with your cousin, Ashton, I'm going to have to drop you off at the house with Ashton and his band members. But i'm going to have to say, No Luke."she said looking at me changing her face expression from Nice and pretty to Dark and it was basicly saying 'Imma kill you' " Um whos that?" I say looking into her very very dark brown eyes. "Lead singer in Ashton's band. He bad. Blonde hair, blue eyes, lip piercing. Stay away from him. You will end up getting heart broken even more than you already are." She said while we walk to the car 

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