Chronicles of Veleria

A story set in a fantasy world of my own making.


1. Introduction



The first thing you should know before reading these transcripts is that the person writing, the person that sat down and penned these words to parchment is dead, long dead. And by the time anyone actually bothers to read them I would have been dead for several hundred years or more. Death is an interesting thing, but that is a subject for a different time, and a different conversation. The first thing you may have noticed, is that my name is not written here, it is actually written at the end, and that is to ensure that these manuscripts are read with unbiased and un-judging thoughts. I don’t know what story they tell of me now or even if they mention me in their stories. I make no excuse for what I am about to do, or what I have done already. I was a mere man who sought to touch the stars; I looked out at the world of Veleria and saw a place of peace, prosperity, and kindness. But I was raised among a people of warriors, raised to fight and to kill, and me and my fellows had already carved out their names forever in the history of our people. I myself was a champion of them, a warrior and fighter without peer; in short I firmly cemented my name into history. I did what I set out to do, I was now immortal, Elves, Dwarves, and Humans would all remember my name for eternity. At the end of my life what more can a man hope to do? So with my name cemented in the hearts of mortals I looked upwards towards heaven, and I gladly took my place there…

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