Tracking (ASA Book Three)

Last Book to Runaway...

Vesper and Niall are stronger than ever. The lads and herself are enjoying the well deserve vacations on Switzerland. What happens when Kaya, the supposed friend, turns out to be the bad guy?

Trilogy ASA Book Three


11. Watching


Vesper sighed as she nodded before walking out of the conference room. They were asking for a new song, and she had the weekend to come up with it. Rubbing her eyes, she made her way towards the hallway where Paul was waiting for her. Kaya was at home with the rest of the lads and Paul had decided to wait for his daughter to finish the session she had to attend. He also knew that his daughter was slowly becoming 'normal', she no linger thought of hacking or spying, she was slowly becoming a person with a dream, to be recognise from all around the world. 


"How did the meeting go?" Paul questioned as Vesper stopped in front of him. 
"Boring as hell." Vesper chuckled. "Though I have to write a new song for Monday... do you think that Niall will help me out?" She tilted her head. 

"Of course he will kid." He patted her head. "Shall we head over to get dinner? Just the two of us?"

"That's a very well deserved dinner." Vesper laughed as she started walking towards the car. "The lads are a handful." She winked. 

"You are so right about that." Paul laughed as he walked behind her. 


Spiral Ant let go of his binoculars. He stared at Vesper and at Paul. Kaya had made it clear that he couldn't hurt anyone other than Vesper. Though he didn't really care if Vesper kills Kaya, she was a pathetic little girl who wanted someone dead to prove that she was worth it. Why did he want Vesper dead? He didn't really have an answer for that. He had managed to get everything on Vesper, ever since she was born, and nothing triggered something to kill her, but when Kaya reached out to him, he felt the urge of doing so.  


Vesper frowned as she stared at the broken building a few feet away from the car. She had done her normal perimeter check, and she felt someone watching her and Paul, she could somehow pinpoint where the feeling came from, but she wasn't sure. 


"What is it kid?" Paul questioned as he stared at her. 

"Someone is watching us." Vesper replied. "I can sense it." 

"The paparazzi Vesper." Paul chuckled as he motioned the group of paparazzi at the end of the road. "Get used to that." 


Vesper cracked a smile, but it was fake. She knew that it was the paparazzi watching her, Spiral Ant was somewhere near and she would find him. 



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