Tracking (ASA Book Three)

Last Book to Runaway...

Vesper and Niall are stronger than ever. The lads and herself are enjoying the well deserve vacations on Switzerland. What happens when Kaya, the supposed friend, turns out to be the bad guy?

Trilogy ASA Book Three


12. Spiral Ant #2


Vesper jogged around the park, music blasting from her headphones as she tried to calm her breath. Niall was close behind her, trying to keep up with the pace, but failing miserably, he had to remember that Vesper was a trained spy and she was able to have a better resistance than he had, even when he trained to sing without needing so much air. 


Kaya stared at the message on her phone. Get Vesper alone so that I can kidnap her. Spiral Ant had decided to make the move, but how could she possibly get Vesper alone when Niall was running right behind her? Running a hand through her hair, Kaya got up from her window seat and walked back to her bed, she was going to get Vesper alone. 


Vesper made a sharp turn to her left, without thinking twice, this wasn't her normal path, but she knew that she was being observed and Niall was behind her, if she kept running her normal path, he was going to end up in trouble. She had hacked into Kaya's phone (not that anyone would think about her actually doing it) and had seen the message that Spiral Ant had send her. 


"I'm alone ass." Vesper spoke as she stood in the middle of a clearing. "What the hell do you want from me?" Vesper took in a deep breath. "I know that you are not going to speak, but shouldn't we make this easier? I'm already alone, so just kidnap me already." 

"Who says that I want to kidnap you Vesper?" Spiral Ant chuckled. "I simply want to kill you." 

"Why?" Vesper questioned turning to where the voice came from. "Why do you want to kill me? What have I done to you?"

"You haven't done me any wrong." Spiral Ant replied. "Kaya simply asked me to kill you, and I intend to keep up with my promise." Vesper furrowed her eyebrows. "You heard me right Vesper." 

"Why kill me if you don't have a reason?" Vesper questioned. "Who are you to Kaya?" 

"She believes that I am just a professional killer." Spiral Ant replied. "But I believe you know who I really am." Vesper stared at the man dressed in black. "I'm her father." He spoke pointing a gun at Vesper. "And you Vesper, you have made her suffer. You have always been the best, and no one turns to praise her." 

"So you are basically only going to kill me so that people can see how good Kaya is?" Vesper chuckled. "People would pay attention to her if she didn't try so hard to be part of the populars or whatever." Vesper added. "I never wanted to become the best spy!" She exclaimed. "But as hard as I tried to hide and simply do my own stuff, people kept praising me." 

"Too bad Vesper." Spiral Ant chuckled. "You're still going to die." And he shot. 



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