Tracking (ASA Book Three)

Last Book to Runaway...

Vesper and Niall are stronger than ever. The lads and herself are enjoying the well deserve vacations on Switzerland. What happens when Kaya, the supposed friend, turns out to be the bad guy?

Trilogy ASA Book Three


10. Music To My Ears


Paul took note of the lads were claiming, this was their first meeting with management since the whole mess that was created when Vesper came. Of course, none of the people of management knew the real reason as to why they asked some free time, just that they had some 'weird' stalker fan that had help in trying to bring them down, as to why they lay low for a while... This was pretty much the whole cover story they were using, only them knew the real deal. 


Vesper was trying to come up with a new song for her upcoming album, but she could not seem to concentrate as the stupid piece of paper kept flickering at the window. She knew that Spiral Ant had planted that paper, and she also knew that the only way to find out how to track this person was through Kaya, and the only thing that she wanted was to prove since the beginning that Kaya was someone that needed help and that couldn't be trusted. 


"Fine." Vesper muttered to herself. "I will grab the freaking note and read what you have to say to me." She added as she grabbed the piece of paper. 


Run. I suggest that you run, far far away from the people that you love. You think that you find who I am? Not even Kaya knows, she only does what I tell her because we have one common goal, to get rid of your existence. So run away and don't look back, because I won't hesitate to kill everyone you love in order to get to you. You already know who I am. -Spiral Ant

"You have to be kidding me." Vesper punched the wall. 


Kaya was typing down all the important things that his teacher was saying about managing a teenage band or single teen. They say that they are the most difficult people to manage, and it might be true. She already knew this of course, as she had to deal with the lads before, even when it wasn't for tour or anything. She was trying to get every word her teacher spoke into the document she was typing, that was until her phone vibrated. 


From: Vesper. 

Read carefully Kaya. If your stupid friend of Spiral Ant decides to mess with any of the lads or Paul, I swear that I will kill you myself and I don't care what happens. If he or she dares to touches them you are dead, and I will make sure that you suffer, and you know what is going to be worst? That I will expose you to the lads and they will hate you for trying to get rid of me, and so when I kill you, it will be music to my ears. Spiral Ant touches them, and you are dead. Mark my words.





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