Tracking (ASA Book Three)

Last Book to Runaway...

Vesper and Niall are stronger than ever. The lads and herself are enjoying the well deserve vacations on Switzerland. What happens when Kaya, the supposed friend, turns out to be the bad guy?

Trilogy ASA Book Three


17. I Found You


Vesper was tired of having everyone worried about her. She knew that no one was going to be in peace if Kaya wasn't found, but she also knew that Kaya wasn't going to find anytime soon. Even if she hated admitting it, Kaya was becoming better. As she stared at the email that she was typing, she wondered if telling ASA about Kaya was a good idea, she knew that Paul had already told them something, but she had the evidence, and not even Paul knew about that, no one knew about it really. 


Vesper closed the laptop and stood up, she was locked inside her room, only Zayn and Liam were at home, which meant that she could easily escape through her window, if she managed to block the cameras for a couple of minutes so that she could run and face Kaya, the plan was all in her head, she was going to let Kaya think that she had won, when in reality she was walking into a trap.


From: Vesper
You want me? Come and get me. Park, swings, in ten minutes. 


Kaya stared at her phone, it never crossed her mind that Vesper was going to text her. She had to manage to track the last phone number, but still, Kaya was at advantage. She knew that Vesper was being guarded 24/7, so if she had texted this meant that she was tired of waiting, and that is exactly what she had wanted all along, to get Vesper tired so that she could kill her when she had her guard down. 



"Seem like I found you." Kaya smirked as she stared at Vesper. "What made you come out here?" 

"I'm tired of playing games Kaya." Vesper replied. "I know that you hated me since you first met me, but until right now you have a real reason to hate me." She licked her lips. "So, what are you going to do?"

"Oh dear Vesper," Kaya chuckled. "You have no idea what I have planned for you." She flicked her hair. "You made my dad disappear from my life, and when I mange to get him back, you kill him. Why?" 

"I didn't know that I was the reason your father left you." Vesper shrugged. "But you know, when I was with him, before I killed him, he told me that the only reason that he was helping you was because he wanted to see you shine, because him and everyone else knows that will I live, you'll never shine. Want to know why?" Vesper taunted. "Because you try so hard to be know, to shine, you want people to see who you are, that you lost yourself in it, you don't know who you are anymore, all you can see is the hate that you have towards me, and it is not hate, not really, it's jealousy, you are jealous that even when I don't try, people praise me for my skills." Kaya growled. "But let me tell you something, I don't like it. I don't like one bit if being the constant spotlight of ASA, do you really think that this is the life that I wanted? I never had a choice, I always had to be the spy, the kid with spy parents that went on missions with them, because her older brother was murdered when he was left alone. Murdered by your father, because like you, he was blinded with rage and jealousy." Vesper took in a deep breath. "But you, you have a choice, leave me alone and you'll go away without any repercussions, or you stay and accept the consequences of your acts." Vesper bit her lip. "What do you chose?" 

"No one is here to save you Vesper." Kaya chuckled. "You escaped from the people who can protect you." Kaya took a step closer to Vesper. "Who's going to save you now?"

"Me." Vesper smirked as she disarmed Kaya and knocked her out. "She's all yours." She added with a sigh. "I will be the first person to see her after the tests you run." She turned and faced Paul. "For how long I'm grounded?" 

"For the rest of your life." Paul replied as he hugged her. "Don't you dare to scare me like that ever again." 


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