Tracking (ASA Book Three)

Last Book to Runaway...

Vesper and Niall are stronger than ever. The lads and herself are enjoying the well deserve vacations on Switzerland. What happens when Kaya, the supposed friend, turns out to be the bad guy?

Trilogy ASA Book Three


5. Home


Liam laughed as he gave Louis the smashed potatoes, they were all back in Switzerland and were sharing a nice family dinner. Paul was chuckling at the stories the lads were sharing, the one day that Paul let them do whatever they wanted. He was happy that everyone had a good time, but he couldn't help and notice that Vesper was quieter, which wasn't unusual, and seem to be lost in thought. 


"Vesper." Paul spoke, Vesper shook her head and stared at her father. "What did you do? We still haven't heard your story." 

"I went to a library." Vesper replied. "I wanted to check out some old books they have for exhibition." She twirled her fork on the plate. "Nothing really interesting." 

"Do you have pictures?" Kaya questioned and Vesper glared at her plate. "I would like to see them."

"You weren't allowed to take pictures." Vesper lied. "They sold some after the tour though." She added. "I didn't buy them. Some things are far more appreciated by your own memory." 

"I agree." Zayn nodded. "How about after dinner we play some UNO?" 

"I'm in!" Everyone shouted expect for Vesper. 

"I'll pass." She smiled softly. "I'm not feeling too great." She added. 


Everyone kept talking about their experience, but Kaya kept stealing glances over to Vesper to see if she could figure out why she wanted to keep her distance. She already knew about the notes Vesper had found, as she was the one who planted them, but learning from the best, she asked someone else to write them and she always used gloves to place them out. 


Once the dinner was over Vesper walked back to her room as the rest walked over the living room. Niall had figured out that something was wrong, but he didn't want to push Vesper as he knew that nothing good came out of that. 


Vesper took out her laptop and opened her program, which was already half done, she could now track people by scanning their handwriting. Taking a picture of the notes, she ran them over to her program before staring at Paul on her doorway. 


"I want the truth." Paul replied and Vesper gulped. "You're not feeling sick. What is going on with you?" 

"I don't think that I can really tell you this." Vesper sighed. "You're going to freak out and then not leave me live my life dad." 

"Kid, you're scaring me." Paul walked over to her. "What is wrong?" 

"Promise me that you will let me live my life and not make something drastic until something happens." Vesper spoke and Paul nodded. "Words." 

"I promise." Paul spoke. 

"I've been getting some weird notes from some Spiral Ant." Vesper replied. "I'm trying to figure out who wants me dead, once again, but so far I've got nothing." 

"What do you mean?" Paul questioned. "Who would want you dead? It makes no sense." 

"I know." Vesper sighed. "This Spiral Ant is like a ghost or something, I haven't been able to figure out who he or she is, but I think I have a good idea who might know." 

"Vesper." Paul sighed. "Kaya is not a suspect," Paul raised a hand preventing Vesper from talking. "I know that you don't trust her and such, but you can't go saying that she wants you dead." 


Vesper was about to comment when Louis shouted out in victory, making Paul and Vesper burst out of their rooms in a blink of an eye. Vesper rolled her eyes and walked back to her room, not before glaring at Kaya whom was sitting next to Niall. 


Both of them knew that no one was going to believe that Kaya wanted Vesper dead, and for that reason Vesper swore to prove that she was right, and Kaya swore that they were never going to find out it was her fault. 

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