Tracking (ASA Book Three)

Last Book to Runaway...

Vesper and Niall are stronger than ever. The lads and herself are enjoying the well deserve vacations on Switzerland. What happens when Kaya, the supposed friend, turns out to be the bad guy?

Trilogy ASA Book Three


18. Eight Guards


Vesper sighed as she stared at the lads practicing for their show. She was stuck inside an office with five guards inside, and three more out the door. Paul had made it very clear that she was never ever going to escape from his sight, and so far, she hadn't managed to do so. Kaya was still inside the ASA doing more interrogations. Vesper had already spent half a day with her, trying to simply understand why she would want to shine so bad that it made her try to kill Vesper a bunch of times... 

It wasn't only Paul that made sure that she wasn't going to escape, casually Niall had gifted her a beautiful necklace, that contained a GPS tracker. She knew that they all meant well, but now, she was more than sure that there was no threat whatsoever against her or any of the lads. There was no need to have eight guards with her...


"Hello kiddo." Paul said as he entered the room.

"Dad." Vesper sighed. 

Paul gave her a small smile. "I know that you hate being here, but ASA has asked to keep you like this until Kaya is secured."

"And when is that going to be?" Vesper questioned. "Is taking them forever." 

"Kaya isn't helping." Vesper rolled her eyes. "They still want to try out this week before they change of methods." 

"So that means that for at least two more weeks I'll be stuck with eight guards?" Vesper raised an eyebrow.

"Sorry doll." Paul patted her head. "If you want, I can get you to sit with the fans for today's show."

Vesper frowned. "Are you being serious?"

"Yes he is." Niall replied as he entered the room. "I asked him." 

"Why?" Vesper questioned. 

"We've got a surprise planned." Niall winked. "And I won't tell you." He added before running out the room. 


Liam smiled as he saw Niall running out the room where Vesper was currently at. They all knew that she was stressed due to the fact that she had eight guards with her all the time. So in order to make her forget about all of that, they decided to let her sing in their concert. She had been practising with them a song, and they were going to sing it with her, before they let her sing three songs. It wasn't much, but it was something they knew she was going to appreciate. 


Slowly, Vesper was going to regain her track into the normal life of a pop sensation spy teenager. 



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