A friend

This a short story please tell me if u like it or not


1. Friends

Their ounce was a child. This child had no friends. Who would want to be friends with a kid named Blank. This hurt his feelings even though it was true.  Blank new that he sure wouldn't want to be friends with a kid like him. So every day he would sit alone,  play alone, and eat alone. All of the kids thought he was weird for this. Blank didn't let it get to him. Who cared about what they thought..... Not him. At least that's what he used to think. 

One night when Blank was alone he made a wish. He looked up at the stair and he closed his eyes really tight. "I wish I had a friend. Just one friend that's all I need." he sighed a deep sigh and went to bed. The next day at school he saw a girl. This girl was not like any other kid he had ever met. Blank new better then to trust her so be ignored her and went on with his day. To his surprise how every she followed him were ever he went. Finally it was lunch time and Blank could be alone. 

Only when he sat down the girl walked over to his table. "hi can I sit here?" Blank didn't  know what to say so grew he shook his head saying "Sure." The girl sat down across from him. "my names Angel. what's your name?" Blank went to go say ' Hi my name's Blank but he stoped him self. He looked at the girl who waiting. He took a deep breath looked a deep blue eyes. "Hi my name is Cole." He smiled proud that he said he his name. 'Yea that's right my name is not Blank my name is Cole.' The girl smiled at him. "Whant to be friends?" Angel asked Cole. He shook his head yes. Then later on that night when he was alone. He crawled out of bed closed his eyes and whispered, "thank you for being my friend."


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