Growing up

This is a story about young love shared between Jayne Lee McDermott and Calum Thomas Hood.
The story is about how they grew up together and how they found love. How One Direction asked 5sos to open for them.
What happens when they are away that Jayne is too scared to tell anyone about?
Read to find out!


24. This Is It

Calum's P.O.V

It sucks that the tour is over and that we have to go on a plane ride for hours on end back to Australia but we are coming back home. Back to Sydney, back to my lovely girlfriend and soon to be born baby. Life couldn't get any better to be honest.

'I bet you can't wait to see Jayne.' Luke says.

'And don't forget his soon to be born son or daughter.' Ashton says.

'Yeah.' I say with a short sigh then followed by a small smile.

'I can't believe your going to be a dad.' Ashton says.

'I have never imagined you to be a dad.' Michael says.

'Yeah, I literally can't wait.' I say with a bright smile.

'You know it's not going to be easy..' Ashton says.

'Yeah neither is being famous, if I can deal with being famous I think I can deal with being a dad.' I say with a giggle.

'We aren't exact famous yet.' Mikey says.

'Come on Mike, we are like best buds with 1D now, where do you think we are going to go from here?' Luke says.

'I don't know I was kind of hoping everything would be the same when we got home.' Mikey says.

'Nothing is going to be the same when we get home.' Ash says.

'Yeah remember my girlfriend was on the news in like London, or somewhere near that, just because she is pregnant with my baby. That's definitely not normal. I mean my girlfriend was in the international news-'

'Ok we get it Calum.' Michael says.

Jaynes P.O.V

'Mum! Is tea ready yet!' I yell from my room.

'Almost, come downstairs! Do you need any help?' She asks.

'No, I'm fine thanks. I can use the railing!' I yell back.

I grunt and get off my bed slowly. I feel so useless and fragile, I just want this baby out but I need Calum so I hope it doesn't come out until he gets back.

I manage to get out of my room, when I reach the stairs I grab my big belly with one hand, grab the railing with my free hand and hobble downstairs.

When I get down I lay on the lounge on my side and turn the T.V on.

Mum comes into the lounge and begins to laugh.

'What?' I ask.

'You look like a whale.' She says giggling a little.

'Yeah, thanks.' I say and divert my eyes back to the T.V.

Mum sighs, 'Calum is coming back soon, intact he is probably a few hours away.' She says trying to cheer me up, it worked a little bit, I managed to crack a smile.

'Mum, I jut want this kid out. I want to hold it already. I want me and Calum to have our own little family already.' I say.

'Sweetie, you know that when Calum comes back, nothing is going to be the same.' She says.

I gave her a confused look. 'How do you even know that. Everything is going to be the same, what are you going on about?' I ask starting to freak out a little.

'Hunny, he's traveled nearly all of America, Australia and England. Did you really expect everything just to fall back into place when he comes back home?' She says.

I start breathing heavily, I look around the room and I feel a little dizzy.

'Jayne, are you alright?' Mum asks.

I freak out and a sudden pain reaches my stomach. I feel the couch wet underneath me, I grab my stomach and breath really heavily in my nose and out my mouth.

'This is it, Jayne, it's time. Quick I'll help you up. We need to go to the hospital.' Mum says.

I didn't care what she was saying I was in so much pain and I needed to get out of there.

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