Growing up

This is a story about young love shared between Jayne Lee McDermott and Calum Thomas Hood.
The story is about how they grew up together and how they found love. How One Direction asked 5sos to open for them.
What happens when they are away that Jayne is too scared to tell anyone about?
Read to find out!


2. The poems

Calum at the age of 6. P.O.V

'Mum, mum!' I yell as I run up to her with Jayne shortly following me.

'Yes Calum?' She says hugging me then hugging Jayne.

'I wrote a poem in class today!' I say incredibly happy.

'Its really good!' Jayne adds on. I smile at her and given my mum the piece of paper that had my poem on it.

My mum read it out loud. I didn't mind because of how proud I was of it.

(I'm just gonna make it how Calum would've thought it was spelt and yeah)

'Once upon a time there was a turtle who lived inside a big, big cave and had no family. It had a hard shell. It was my turtle. In the cave it had a dark cave too. It was too dark you couldn't see, because the turtle was too small. It was smaller then a bug. The turtle laid an egg. Today or tomorrow it had a bomb on it and it blown up. The end. Wow Calum. That is great.' She says smiling. I smile back at her.

'Thank you mummy!' I say.

'You know what.' She says

'What?' Jayne and I ask.

'I think you guys deserve an ice cream.' Mum says.

Jayne and I were jumping up and down. I was so happy.

'Jayne are you gonna read your poem out?' I ask

'Oh yeah.' She gets it out of her bag.

'Do you want me to read it?' My mum asks

'No thanks joy. I can read it.' Jayne says.

I smile.

'Jayne L. McDermott. Once upon a time there was a dinosaur under a bridge. He was very lonely. He had no family. One day a family walked on the bridge. They seen the dinosaur under the bridge and they are scared to walk on the bridge. They walked on the bridge and the bridge broke. They fell down, down down, until they fell on the floor. The dinosaur was happy that he wasn't alone so he walked over to them. But because he was a dinosaur he ate the family and he lived alone under the bridge. The end.' Jayne finished reading and I clapped.

'Isn't that a great poem mummy?' I ask.

'That was great. You know what. You are both going to get and ice cream and a milk shake. How does that sound?' My mum asks

We nod really fast together and we skip to the car laughing and having fun. We got in the back seats and buckled ourselves in.

'Are we all buckled in?' My mum asks

'Yep let's go!' I say happily.

We left the school parking lot and left for Mc. Donald's.

'Hello. What can we get you today?' The lady asks over the counter.

'Mummy. Can we go on the playground?' I ask.

'Yes, go on. Have fun. I will be out there in a minute.' She says.

I smile and hug mum. Then run to the playground with Jayne.

When mum came she had 3 ice creams and 3 milkshakes.

'Calum. Jayne.' My mum yells so we can hear her at the playground.

Jayne and I come running out.

'Two chocolate milkshakes for you two and I think you can eat your ice cream first.' Mum says handing us the ice creams then sitting down at a seat.

'Mum. Where's Mali?' I ask.

'She is at her friends house we are picking her up soon.' Mum answers. I nod then scoff my ice cream down.

'Mum can I have my milkshake now?' I ask.

'Have you finished your ice cream already?' She asks

I nod smiling.

'Ok here you go.' She says handing me my milkshake then Jayne finished hers and mum gave her hers then we left Mc. Donald's, then we went back to my house to meet Brenda at 4:30 like we do everyday.

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