Growing up

This is a story about young love shared between Jayne Lee McDermott and Calum Thomas Hood.
The story is about how they grew up together and how they found love. How One Direction asked 5sos to open for them.
What happens when they are away that Jayne is too scared to tell anyone about?
Read to find out!


28. Keep The Change. Pt 2

The taxi stops in the bay at the hospital, I quickly take my seatbelt off and getting my wallet out of the driver. 'Thanks man.' I say handing him a ten dollar note. 'Keep the change.'

'Thank you for driving with suburban taxis, and congratulations on your baby.' He says as I get out of the car, I smile at him and close the door. He drives off quickly cutting off some other drivers in the process.

I run into the hospital bumping into a few people accidentally. When I got to the counter I had to line up, it was only a line of 3 including myself so it shouldn't be too long.

After about 3 minutes I'm at the front of the line.

'What room is Jayne Lee McDermott in?' I ask.

'Relation?' The old lady asks.

'Fiancé' I lied, but it won't be a lie for long.

'Ok she's in room 207 on the 3rd floor.' She responds.

'Thank you.' I say before running to the elevator.

I press the button continuously until the doors open. There is only 1 other person waiting for the elevator with me, she's a nurse from what I can tell.

The door finally opened and I got in there straight away, the nurse walked in behind me. I press the number 3 and wait for the doors to close.

'Could you press 5 for me please?' The nurse asks.

I did press 5, then I heard a ding, then another after a few seconds from the first one, then the doors open. I quickly get out and look at the doors. 203, 204, 205, 206, 207! I run in and there she is my beautiful girl.

'Calum! Your here!' Jayne says loudly.

'I wouldn't miss this for the world.' I say to her, he smiles buy that smile soon disappears and is replaced with a flustered, and in pain kind of look. I go by her side, hold her hand and kiss it.

'Are you ready for your baby?' The doctor says looking up at us.

We smile at each other, well she manages to smile.

'Ok so I need you to push.' The doctor says, Jayne pushes and pushes, and screams and screams.

Soon the screams stop and I hear Jayne let out a long breath.

'It's a boy, congratulations.' The doctor says while cleaning him off and wrapping him in a blanket. He stands up and gives him to her. She looks at him and smiles, he's so cute it's unbelievable.

'Brenda, we need a photo!' I say smiling. I give her my phone and she takes a quick photo of us with the baby. When he gives my phone back I take photo after photo of him.

'What should we call him?' Jayne asks I look at her in her eyes.

'Doug.' I say. She smiles at me and I smile back at her.

'No way.' She says, I take him from her and hold him for the first time. He's so fragile I freak out a bit because I don't want to break him.

'Well I don't know maybe we should think about it tonight and we'll do all that tomorrow?' I say.

'Yeah is that ok doc?' She asks him.

'Yeah that's perfectly fine, well we have to run tests and see if everything's perfectly fine with him. I hope you don't mind me taking him.' The doctor says.

'No of course you can take him. Do your doctor stuff, just bring him back.' I say kind of awkwardly.

'Yeah I need a hold of that baby!' Brenda says.

'Of course well it shouldn't be long about 15 minutes is that ok?' The doctor asks.

'Yeah it's fine.' Brenda replies. When the doctor leaves Brenda spoke again. 'Do you guys want something to eat?'

'Yes! A chocolate muffin, a chicken, lettuce and mayo sandwich, and a raspberry mineral water please. Calum do you want anything?' Jayne asks. I giggle at her.

'Yeah am I just get a um muffin please.' I say to Brenda and get my wallet out to give her a $10 note.

'Yep alright I'll be back in a minute.' Brenda says taking my money I gave her.

'Ok so seriously what should we call him?' Jayne says as soon as Brenda leaves the room.

'I have no idea.' I say truthfully.

Ok hi! I actually didn't really think of a name for this baby, I didn't even know what the gender would be, so would it be alright if you guys post in the comments what the name should be? That would be helpful because I honestly don't know what his name should be. Ok cool well thanks for reading and I hope you've enjoyed my story so far I'm thinking of finishing it soon I don't know but maybe.

I love you all! I will update again soon I promise!

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