Growing up

This is a story about young love shared between Jayne Lee McDermott and Calum Thomas Hood.
The story is about how they grew up together and how they found love. How One Direction asked 5sos to open for them.
What happens when they are away that Jayne is too scared to tell anyone about?
Read to find out!


21. It was pretty hectic.

Calum's P.O.V

'That was a sick show.' Michael says still energised.

'Yeah! The crowd went wild! Like literally, I hope that the girl is ok.' Luke says.

'Yeah, she looked like she hit her head pretty bad.' Ashton says.

'Yeah.' Is all I say as all the memories from the concert replayed in my head. I smiled until the memory of that poor girl came back into my head. She was in the front row, she was jumping around and she must of jumped on something and slipped over. She hit her head on the thick metal bars in front of her and she got knocked out. The concert was put on pause for about 20 minutes so the ambulance could get there. It was pretty hectic.

'We should go visit her at the hospital.' I say.

'We actually should aye.' Michael says.

Luke and Ashton nod their heads in agreement.

We got changed out of our sweaty clothes, and left.

Once we got there it was quiet, we entered, and walked up to the front desk.

'Hey, we were just wondering if there was a girl put in this hospital who got knocked out at a concert?' Michael says.

'Mmhm, relation?' She asks.

'Uhh best friends.' Luke says.

'Ok, she's in room 211' she says.

'Thank you.' Ashton and I say in unison.

We get in the elevator and go up to the second floor.

'207, 208, 209-'

'Luke shut up.' Michael says.

'Sorry.' Luke says giggling.

We reach 211 and take a deep breath and open the door.

'Oh my god! It's 5 seconds of summer!' She screeches.

'Hi, how's ya head?' Michael asks.

'Sore.' She says. 'Is that why you guys are here? To check up on me?' She asks.

'Well, yes. We wanted to see if you were ok.' Ashton says.

'Yeah it looked like you hit your head pretty bad.' I said.

'Yeah I did and it hurts a lot!' She says giggly. 'I just can't believe your here! Can I get a photo?' She asks.

'Sure.' Luke said with a smile. 'So what's your name?' He said after he took a photo with her.

'Oh I'm Samantha.' She says.

'Nice to meet you.' Luke says and hugs her.

'Oh my god Luke Hemmings just hugged me.' She says. We all laugh.

After I take my photo with her and hug her I get a phone call.

'I have to take this I will be right back.' I say walking past Ashton.

He looks at me and stops me.

'Jayne?' He whispers. I nod.

Once I'm out the room I answer the call.

'Hey' I say.

- Hey so the appointment went well I just thought you should know.

'Oh yeah, what did they say?'

- oh just that it is healthy and should be out sooner then expected.

'How soon?'

- about 5 to 10 days earlier.

'Its ok I will still be home when it is born. I'm not missing that.'

- Ok cool. Well I have to go. Love you.

'Ok love you too and hey, it's the 13th today, so that means only four more days baby' I say with a huge smile.

- I can't wait until you get home.

'Me neither. Anyway I got to go as well. Love you bye.'

- Love you too. Bye.

Then the noise happened that indicated she had hung up. I went back. In the room and talked with Samantha and the guys.

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