Growing up

This is a story about young love shared between Jayne Lee McDermott and Calum Thomas Hood.
The story is about how they grew up together and how they found love. How One Direction asked 5sos to open for them.
What happens when they are away that Jayne is too scared to tell anyone about?
Read to find out!


13. Important A/N! Please Read! 🙏

Important A/N!!

Please read!!! 🙏🙏🙏

I felt a little bad about the previous short chapter and I am so sorry about my updating schedule...!

If you guys didn't know why I haven't been updating very often, well more like at all, is because I was going out with this guy for about 5 years and he broke up with me all out of the blue. It's been pretty hectic to say the least and I haven't really been in a good mood. Since this story and the other one I'm writing are supposed to be cute, all I could think of were really terrible depressing story lines. I'm sorry guys! I'm like literally just getting back on my feet now, it's really hard but I'm trying. I know how you guys have wanted me to update and I haven't been! I'm sorry! There should be more updates soon! I promise!


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