Growing up

This is a story about young love shared between Jayne Lee McDermott and Calum Thomas Hood.
The story is about how they grew up together and how they found love. How One Direction asked 5sos to open for them.
What happens when they are away that Jayne is too scared to tell anyone about?
Read to find out!


14. 'I always have and I always will'

Jaynes P.O.V

Calum and I were in the back while our mums sat in the front. We we listening to some music, we were sharing the ear phones that were plugged into his phone, this real Aussie song came on, it was called, In The Summertime - Thirsty Merc. We sung along until the song ended, once it did this other song came on that I didn't know, but I liked it.

'Calum what song is this?' I ask

'Uh it's Island by The Starting Line'

'I like it.' I say smiling, well until he kissed me. Those kisses are something I would seriously miss.

I felt like crying when he pulled away, I didn't want it to stop but we had to.

'Calum.' I say choking on my tears.

He looked at me as a few tears fell. 'Jayne baby, don't cry. I'll be back before you know it.' He says trying to comfort me.

'Its nine months Calum, I don't know how I'm going to cope without you here... At school and everything I just don't know...' I say

'Its ten months...' He says

'Thats even worse...' I say

'Hey remember what we talked about in the airport?' He says

'Yeah but Calum it was hard to do that with our mums and dads, you are going to be just as busy and you know it, just like I know that there is no way that you are going to do all those things you said you would, Calum, your going to be big, like really big. Just promise me one thing' I say I was looking down at my legs then I looked him in the eyes. 'Promise me that you won't forget me..' I continue with more tears flowing down my face.

'Jayne I could never ever forget you, you the sun to my shine baby. I will try my hardest to do what I said I would ok no matter how hard it is, I'll text every time before we go on stage I promise.' He says, he was even starting to tear up.

'I love you.' I say

'I love you too.' He says

'Ok well we're here.' Joy says.

'Ok where's Mali?' Calum asks

'Shes already inside just like your dad.' Joy answers. He nods his head then we leave the car.

We walk inside and we meet Luke, Michael, Ashton, Mali and all the family's inside.

Once we seen them all I felt like crying again. This is going to be so hard to deal with.

This was going to be the last time I see these four dorks in 10 months and that seriously sucks.

I am going to miss them all but this is a great opportunity for them all. I just don't know how I am going to cope.

Skip to before they board the plane.

I couldn't believe it. The people were lining up to go on the plane and I just started crying.

I hugged Michael, Luke and Ashton. I let Calum hug everyone who he is leaving before I ran into him and hugged him so tight.

'I am going to miss you so much you know!' I say.

'I will miss you so much more. I love you Jayne, always have always will.' He says

'I love you too!' I say then I kiss him. He grabs his stuff and lines up. I wait in line with him until it was hi turn to show the plane ticket. I hugged and kissed him, and told him I loved him one more time before he left for the plane.

I waited until the plane took off and it was in the sky before we left. I can't believe it. He is gone.

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