Growing up

This is a story about young love shared between Jayne Lee McDermott and Calum Thomas Hood.
The story is about how they grew up together and how they found love. How One Direction asked 5sos to open for them.
What happens when they are away that Jayne is too scared to tell anyone about?
Read to find out!


12. Cute Drives With Bæ!

Jayne's P.O.V

Calum stayed at my house last night. That was the first time him and I ever did that. I guess I thought, because his going away in like 2 days maybe I should give him something, just to let him know that I really do care about him, and I really do love him. But I think that this is going to make me miss him more.. I mean it's going to be 10 months and since it was only recently Calum's birthday, he won't be back until like December.. This is going to suck majorly..

I was awake thinking about this while Calum lay beside me asleep. I heard him groan as I did too as I sat up.

'Hey there sleepy head.' I said while leaning over and kissing him.

'Hey.' He says with a smile as I pull away.

I was in an oversized old nirvana shirt that I bought Calum for his birthday 3 years ago.

'You can keep that shirt.' He says

I smile and get up out of bed.

'Hey where are you going?' He asks

'To get some food.. I'm hungry. Oh and to get some Panamax I'm actually really sore.' I say. I was about to walk off when I feel Calum's presences behind me. He wrapped his hands around my waist. He was only in his boxers. I stopped in my tracks. I lean my head on his chest and put it sideways and look up.

'I love you.' Calum says.

I hook my arm around his neck as the other hand sits on his hand on my waist. I pull his head closer to mine I go on my tippy toes and kiss him once more.

'I love you too.' I say

He walks with me the kitchen technically in the same position as what we were in before.

I go to the fridge and he rests his head on my shoulder, his chin digging into my pressure point, which makes me giggle and quickly move my shoulder.

'Sorry.' He says

'Nah, what do you want to eat?' I ask

'Will you make me pancakes?' He asks

'HA HA HA... No.. I can't cook for shit..'

'Can we go to Maccas?' He asks

'Hmm well I wouldn't mind Maccas actually. Just let me go put some pants on and we'll-' I say before he cuts in.

'I want it now!' He whines

'Fine give me your keys.. Mums took my car because hers is in the repair shop.' I say

He gets his keys, I have a Panamax and we go to Maccas.

'Hello, what can we get you today?' The lady's voice says coming out of the operator.

'Hey, umm can I please get two hot cakes, uhh one large orange juice, one large banana berry bash, and uhh two hash browns?' I say

'Yep is that all for today?' She asks

'Yes thanks.' I say

'Ok that's $23.40 drive down to the next window please.' She says

I drive down to the window and pay for it, then I drive down the the other window to collect my order.

'Thanks' I say as she hands me my food.

'Have a nice day.' She says

'Yeah, you too.' I say.

I put the hot bag on Calum's lap and go back home.

Calum turns the radio on and my favourite song came on, don't tell em' I smile at Calum because he knows this is my favourite song.

He turns it up full blast and I move around in the front seat attempting to dance while driving and singing as Calum records me.

When I notice he was recording me I stopped completely and utterly embarrassed.

'Why did you stop?' Calum asks

'Youre recording..' I say.

'Naw is my beautiful girlfriend embarrassed?' He said in a baby voice.

I pout my bottom lip right out and pretend to cry. We both laugh, then I continue to dance.


Once we arrived back home we stumbled inside, we were laughing, it made me think, I want to have this, him, for ever.

'Ok, well, here is your hot cakes.' I say putting the hot cakes on the island. He sits on the other side of the island sitting on the bar stools as a I stand on the other side near the fridge.

'So..' I say putting my syrup on the hot cakes.

'I leave tomorrow...' He says.

I throw the packet of syrup in the bin.

'Dont remind me..' I say feeling upset.

'I need to ask you a question..' Calum says

I cut a price of the hot cake and put it in my mouth. 'What?' I ask after I swallowed.

'You have syrup on your face.' Calum laughs, I laugh to and wipe the stickiness of of my face.

'So what was your question?' I ask looking at him in the eyes.

'Are you, uhh, are you gonna wait for me?' He asks

I couldn't believe he asked me that, I feel as if he is the love of my life.. I couldn't possibly leave him.

'Of course I can't believe you asked me that! You know how I feel about you.' I say with a tear rolling down my face.

'Sorry I didn't mean to make you cry.' He says getting up off of the stool and walking towards me. When he reaches me it was like I fell into his arms like the time when I found out about Tom two timing me with that hoe Rani. Calum must have read my mind because,

'Hey you remember in like 7th grade when I told you about Tom. How I said that I would always be here? I know I am going to be leaving you and I am so sorry..' He says

I look up at him.

'Calum, your career is important! You aren't leaving me, you're coming bac-' I say

'Only to leave again..' He cuts in.

'But you will always end up coming home, home to us, home to me.' I say going to my tippy toes and kissing him.

'I love you so much Jayne, so, so much.' He says

'I love you more baby! Now come on, you need to eat, then after we eat we need to go to Joys so you can get your stuff packed.' I say

He nods then sits back down and eats as I start to eat.

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