This is a story about two people talking on an internet website. Their names are Stevie Ali Thornton and Calum Thomas Hood.
Calum is living in Sydney with his three best friends and band members, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin.
While Stevie is living in Adelaide with her parents. She has almost finished year 12 and is catching feelings for someone she had never met before.
Calum feels the same way, and decides to fly to Adelaide to see her.
Stevie doesn't know about Calum's career, will that change things when she finds out?
Read to find out.


15. 'Hurry up though, I'm getting cold.'

Calum's P.O.V

I was nervous that when they found out they would turn around and run, but they didn't, in fact they did the opposite, they were asking all these questions and it was nice that they were interested in what we do.

'Well, we should watch a movie now?' I say.

Stevies P.O.V

'Yeah, let's not watch the call.. How about, uhh, The Avengers?' I ask.

'Yes please!' Ashton says happily, it made me smile, when I put the movie in, I got back up and sat on the lounge next to Calum and Luke.

The lounge is really long so we all managed to fit perfectly. Michael and Caitie were sitting next to each other and Ashton sat next to Luke and Michael.

Once I sat down, I felt like some popcorn, so I got back up and walked to the kitchen.

'Where are you going?' Calum asks me.

'To make some popcorn, what's a movie without popcorn aye?' I say.

Calum laughs a little and nods his head in agreement. 'Hurry up though, I'm getting cold.' Calum says with a cheeky grin, I giggle and walk in the kitchen.

I get the packet and take off the plastic, and put it in the microwave for 3.30 minutes.

Once they are done, I put it all in a huge bowl and then get another packet and pop them. I put it in for the same amount of time and put it into a bowl, the same size.

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