This is a story about two people talking on an internet website. Their names are Stevie Ali Thornton and Calum Thomas Hood.
Calum is living in Sydney with his three best friends and band members, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin.
While Stevie is living in Adelaide with her parents. She has almost finished year 12 and is catching feelings for someone she had never met before.
Calum feels the same way, and decides to fly to Adelaide to see her.
Stevie doesn't know about Calum's career, will that change things when she finds out?
Read to find out.



Hey! I know I should stop writing A/N but I'm just doing this to annoy my friend Shennae..

I have started writing the next chapter so it shouldn't be too much longer, as for my other ones I haven't really payed and attention too. Sorry if you were expecting this to be a chapter but I have only done a little bit of the next chapter.

I don't really have any good ideas for them to be honest so I guess that's why I haven't updated..

I will try and update as soon as I can, and for my other stories it may take a little longer sorry!

Also thanks for getting this to 2K reads! That's amazing! Thank you so much! Oh my god! I can't believe this! And don't forget to like, favourite and fan me! You don't have to but it would be cool of you did!

Much love S.J

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