This is a story about two people talking on an internet website. Their names are Stevie Ali Thornton and Calum Thomas Hood.
Calum is living in Sydney with his three best friends and band members, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin.
While Stevie is living in Adelaide with her parents. She has almost finished year 12 and is catching feelings for someone she had never met before.
Calum feels the same way, and decides to fly to Adelaide to see her.
Stevie doesn't know about Calum's career, will that change things when she finds out?
Read to find out.


33. Finally.

After a few minutes of me sitting on my bed, I got incredibly bored. I sit up and take one of the earphones out of my ear and hum along to Do You Remember by Jarred James.

I get off my bed and sit at my computer desk and decide to finally Google Calum.

What was his last name again? Hugh? No that's not right... Hood, that's it!

I typed his name and pressed images. All these amazing photos of him came up. He's so amazing, I can't stay mad at him.

I went onto web and read a little about him. His in a band called 5 Seconds Of Summer with Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin. Knew that already. He was going to become a professional soccer player for Australia but he chose the band instead. He has a sister; Mali-Koa Hood, she was on The Voice Australia 2009. His parents names are Joy Hood and David-

*knock knock*

I quickly closed the tabs and shut down my computer.

'Who is it?' I ask.

'Stevie, it's me.' Calum says from behind the door.

'What do you want?' I ask.

'I want to come in.' He says.

'Ugh fine..' I say getting up and unlocking my door then sitting back on my bed.

Calum opens the door and looks really upset, not happy like in the photos.

'I'm really sorry Stevie, I don't know what was wrong with me. I-I just got.. Jealous I think. Umm I know your not my girlfriend or anything.' He places his hand to the back of his neck. 'I am really so sorry.' He says and he looked as if he was going to cry.

'Calum, you're not my boyfriend but it's ok for you to get protective and jealous but you did take it too far. And yes I'm scared that if you could grab my wrist hard enough, that you could do much more then that, but I know you wouldn't of been raised like that. I mean I know that growing up you had all these opportunities and to nearly get into soccer but change your mind for the band, your parents would have to be great parents and-'

'How did you know I nearly got into soccer?' He asks.


'You uh told me.' I say.

'No I didn't. How did you know that?' He asks.

I stay quiet trying to think of a way I could say it without being creepy.

'You googled me didn't you!' Calum says loudly while giggling.

I just smiled.

'What did you see?' He asks, he seems more worried now.

'Just photos of you and some information, like your sister, your parents and soccer. Then that's when you knocked on my door. Why?' I ask.

'No reason.' He says.

Then I remember when the girl said to him, 'nice dick.'

'OH MY GOD! Calum you have a nude on the Internet don't you!' I say loudly with a giggle.

'No.. What are you talking about..' He says trying not to smile.

'There so is!' I yell.

'Ok fine, yes there is.' He says with his adorable laugh.

'I love your laugh.' I say with a smile.

'I love you-rs too.' He says with a nervous laugh.

I giggle at him.

'Stevie.' He says.

'Yeah?' I say.

'Do you maybe want to go out with me tomorrow night?' He asks.

'Like a date?' I ask.

'Only if you want it to be.'

'I would very much like it to be a date.'

'Well we are going to go so I can organise everything. I'll see you tomorrow around 7:30 is that ok?' He asks.

'It's perfect.'

'I'll see you tomorrow then.'

'See you tomorrow.'

He comes over and kisses me. After the kiss I kept my eyes closed and smiled I let out a small sigh and opened my eyes, Calum was smiling at me.

'See ya.' He says.

'Bye.' I say.

As soon as he left my room I felt down. I already missed him. He's not even mine, and I miss him.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter I tried to make it long so I hope it's long enough for you guys

Much love S.J xx

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