This is a story about two people talking on an internet website. Their names are Stevie Ali Thornton and Calum Thomas Hood.
Calum is living in Sydney with his three best friends and band members, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin.
While Stevie is living in Adelaide with her parents. She has almost finished year 12 and is catching feelings for someone she had never met before.
Calum feels the same way, and decides to fly to Adelaide to see her.
Stevie doesn't know about Calum's career, will that change things when she finds out?
Read to find out.


10. chapter 9

Jayne's P.O.V

'Do I look ok?' I say looking down at my outfit.

'You look fine.' Caitie reassured me. I giggled and so did she as we entered Marion shopping centre.

I just realised, I don't know where to meet Calum and his friends.

'I'm gonna text Calum and see where we should meet.' I say. Caitie nods her head.

Hey Calum, it's me. Uhh where do you want to meet?

It took a while for him to answer.

Oh at the food court yeah? Michaels hungry so that works out fine.

Oh yeah well I'm already here, well I'm not at the food court but I'm at Marion, yeah I'll see you there. Xxxx ❤️❤️❤️😘😍😘

Ok baby! Xxxxxxxxxx ❤️❤️😍😍😘😍

Baby, he called me baby! I can't wipe the smile off of my face.

'Whats with the grin?' Caitie asks

'Calum! He called me baby! Look!' I say shoving my phone in her face.

'Ok, ok..' Caitie laughs, probably at my silly behaviour.

I smile and look at what he said again. I can't get the smile off of my face, I am so fucking happy!!

We slowly make our way to the food court, I am seriously hungry, I can hear my stomach rumbling like crazy, I'm pretty sure that someone on the other side of the shops could hear me it was that loud.

'Wow, do you want to get some food?' Caitie laughs

I grab my stomach dramatically and nod my head.

'Subway?' She asks. I nod and smile. She knows what I want on mine so she goes to the counter and I find a spot to sit.

It takes about 5 minutes for Caitie to come back.

'Heres your disgusting vegi sub..' She says dropping it on the table.

'Hey, hey, hey! Be careful with my baby!' I say pretending to be hurt.

She laughs, I started to unwrap my subway. I take a bite then I ask Caitie for the time.

I could hear some guys laughing behind me.

'I knew, I know that voice.' Someone said.

I looked to Caitie and she looked at me, I started to blush. I looked behind me, I looked up to his face. He was tall, dark and handsome.

'Calum?' I ask

'Yes, and you must be Stevie.' He says smiling.

I stand up and go hug him. He willingly hugs back. I take a step back.

'Uh Stevie?' Calum laughs.

'What?' I ask

He continues to laugh, along with his friends. I look to Caitie and I shrug my shoulders at her. Then she covers her mouth with her hand.

'What?!' I yell a little frustrated.

'You have something- here let me get it for you?' Calum says.

I nod my head. He comes a few steps closer and brings his hand up to my face. He wipes something off of my face.

'You had a little bit of mayo on your face.' Calum says

'Oh, hahah well then that was fucking embarrassing..' I say awkwardly.

Calum smiles at me and I smile back.

'Can we get Maccas now?' One of his friends whine.

'Yeah, let me introduce you guys first?' Calum says

'Fine..' The red haired guy continues.

'Ok well this is Michael, and this boy right here, he's Luke, and this is Ashton.' Calum says, when he introduced Luke he patted on Luke's back. It made me giggle. 'And guys this is Stevie.' He continues.

'You're online girlfriend?' The red haired guy, Michael says.

Calum blushed so did I.

'Didnt you say you wanted Maccas?' Calum says

Before you knew Michael was gone.

'Im gonna go and order. I'll be back.' Calum says as Luke and Ashton walked off.

'Ok.' I say with a smile. He smiles at me and then walks over to the mini Maccas store in the shops.

Once I saw that he was gone a looked right to Caitie, who was looking gobsmacked.

'Wow!' She manages to say.

'I know.' I say then I take another bite of my subway.

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