Deep and Dire struggles

Poetry of the bitter past, unbearable present, and hopeful future.


5. Who is this 'summer', might I ask?

Who is this 'summer' guy?

....or girl?

Am I at least close?

Is he the breeze, warm and firm?

The gentle touch of the waves cheeks?

Or are they animals...?

The fish looking to say hello as you swim by,

The rabbit in it's burrow, keeping cool? it a dog?

A furry, little friend, jumping up to greet you

As you walk through the grass?....

Following you, rolling over adorably,.....



Back to a person.

'Summer', I feel as if I know you.

Are you warm, gentle, as flowing as 

The waves?

Calm, soothing?

Has a temper that kills on contact?

Yes, I know you quite well, old friend,

Welcome back.

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