Deep and Dire struggles

Poetry of the bitter past, unbearable present, and hopeful future.


3. A hidden message in truth

Some say life is great,

Others may think it not so.

Many spiral wondering "why?"

Even if there is no answer.

Only a few understand this feeling.

Not all are caring and supportive, thinking,

Eager, aren't they? To end their life?


Pages full of meaningless sorrow,

Leave them alone, they act for attention.

Excuse me? Attention? Do not blame us for their issues.

Agonizing pain we go through, and yet they throw stones.

Stones may cut and break our bones, but only words can kill.

Embedded into our minds, these words that are thrown.


Look closer, dear person!

Is it that hard to see true meaning?

Seeing the true is difficult, I know!

There is not one who knows better than I.

Ensuring that there is nothing there, just long poems,

Nothing will be left unless someone can finally see. 



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