Snow is a 15 year old girl who lives in Illinois. When it comes winter something destroys her world. How will she move on.


2. Chapter Two

    Finally we got all our gear on to skate. "Justin, you ready to go?" I said excitedly.

    "YEAH!!" he replied excitedly.

    " 'K. Lets go!" I replied. I helped him up out of the snow and we walked over to the lake. "Hey, Justin I forgot to close my bag. I'm gonna go close it." I told him.

    "Okay" Justin replied cheerfully.

    As I walked over there I looked back to tell Justin to stay by the shore but he was already skating. When I got to the bag of course I closed it, because that's what my goal was.

    As I finished I, I heard an earsplitting shriek. I looked over my shoulder to see who it was. I didn't see Justin. "He's probably just behind the snow bank." I said to myself.

    Then I looked again. Not too far in the distance I saw a hole. People gathered around it on one side. I rushed over there. I looked behind the snow bank. No Justin. A wave of worriedness rushed over me.  "Don't worry, he's probably over by the crowd. I quickly skated over there. Justin was there, but not at the same time.

    ''Snow," Scarlet said, "He's under the ice. He fell in."


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