A worgens story

Hello! This is an rp story from wow... And I wrote this a long time ago so sorry for my bad English...


1. The only chapter in the book

I was born as a wolf in a cave on Echo isles. My mom was from Northrend but she moved to Echo isles when he knew that I was coming. My dad was said to be the frost wolf, no one knows who he is but everyone has heard about him. Accept my mom, she knows who he is, but she won't tell me. One day my mom left our cave on Echo isles and never came back, so I went out looking for her.

That was the first time I saw the trolls they took me and raised me until I was 5. When I was 5 they sold me to Orgrimmar as a riding mount! But I managed to escaped and went on an airship. It took me to a dark place where the air smelled death. The people (if you now can call then that) was dead... I mean like alive dead! Some of them tried to capture me, but I managed to escape their skeletal hands. I fled south, the creatures walking the lands I passed didn't disturb me much but the ones carrying weapons and armour did! I stopped by a big iron city I think it was named Ironforge. Afraid to enter I stood outside and just stared at it. But after a while of staring going closer and closer the entrance, I noticed that the short people didn't really care about me, so I went inside! Thankfully they were kind to me! Kinder than the trolls and orcs ever had been. They fed me and allowed me to rest in one of the inns. I then continued walking until I came to a big city that they called Stormwind, there there were all kinds of people! And all looked different. I followed a tall figure with blu-ish skin and pointy ears. It stepped abound a ship and I followed. The boat went to a huge tree! I forgot about the one in the boat since there where more interesting things, like a huge tree!!! I accidentally walked into a pink portal and teleported up in the tree. There was strange people there same as the one I had followed to the boat, but they were kind and took care of me. They named me Libera and learned me to transform to a human and other animals. When i was 15 years I moved to Storm-wind and now I'm living there in a place with a lot of flowers and one tree.

You may have seen it, but I'm almost never there. I mostly just run in the forest outside Booty Bay. Its so beautiful there with the sea.. I wish I could swim, maybe next summer I can find a nice person in Booty Bay that can teach me. The only thing I don't like is that they are goblins.. They reminds me of my days in Orgrimmar.

And since that Stormwind or Orgrimmar... I don't know who discovered Pandaria first but.. I always wanted to go there. I've been asking my teacher in Darnassus (The huge tree) if I could go there soon but he says that I still have much to learn so I guess it can wait.

And someday I want to go back to Echo isles and try too find my old cave.

I've heard rumours about a snow white wolf there... Could it be my dad?

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