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Upset and worry regardless,
the world will carry on,
not the one to stop it all;
one speck in the scheme of life.

Thinking we all have a purpose,
here to love and live life;
a charade of happiness and hope:
things will get better
things will get easier
but for what? –
to feel the pain again
waiting for it to end
hanging on for the happiness to return
that never does for long.

Waiting until the pain fades,
wasting the time that we spend,
clutching at a hope of light,
falsely conning ourselves to believe it’s worth it:
the small glimpse of it we see
that soon disappears
tricking ourselves into believing that it’s what we need:
telling ourselves ‘it’ll all be over soon’
but until when? -
the next problem will hit
shattering the pretence that we make.

Cover the hurt with a smile,
laugh until it’s gone,
but don’t wait for the happiness,
because it will never return for long.

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