Skin Deep

Kaylee's life is proving to be a struggle fighting old demons, but things will get worse fighting the new. When the very essense of who you are is gone, the will to survive is hard to find.


2. Chapter 2


*Hi this is Sabitha, thank you to Chloe for editing my grammar. I hope you all like it, it's not as good as Chloe but I hope you all like it. 


Since yesterday I hadn’t felt a thing from my wolf. A part of me was relieved to be free for a while. But, a greater part of me missed my wolf – it was a part of me, like my right arm or the hair on my head. Another part of me told me it was for the best and that, after all, I was saving myself and my brother from an enemy we couldn't fight alone.

I had gotten ready that morning feeling tired and worn - I wasn't used to feeling so… human. Claire had laughed, and Kai seemed none of the wiser. I wished I was as clueless as he was.

Claire mumbled goodbye to me as I stood in the door frame to the small living room. Kai was fixing a tie around his neck, excited for school - he was only seven. It was his first time wearing such a nice uniform to… well, anywhere. It was a moment he’d remember forever.

I mumbled bye to both of them in return and began the walk to my school. It was only a fifteen minute walk to the school – I would know. Over the past few days I’d made my way there many time just to make sure I could get there and back as a human, without my werewolf senses of navigation. I knew Claire wanted to drop me, but it was my brothers first day of school and he needed her more than I did.

As my walk drew to an end I knew any moment now I’d see the brown bricked school emerge just beyond the concrete road. Students strode up into school, girls and boys alike, following the same path as me. Bunches of students gathered in groups - it was just like any normal school, or as normal as it would get over in a foreign country.

Lake Wall High was quite intimidating looking; it adorned large brown walls and black large windows, lined with a lacking of flowers and instead black bolted metal benches and empty flowerbeds. The concrete walls looked like they had survived for centuries but were near breaking point. The glares shot in my direction added to that gnawing feeling deep in my stomach.

I understood now why Claire had decided that this would be the best school for me; it didn’t look to be a popular school that was in the spotlight, but had won many several awards over its standing. I hoped that this would be a good start, away from my past life.

As I walked into school, self-consciously pulling down my plaid uniform skirt every other girl happened to wear, I kept my head held high remembering to remain proud and confident – using up that last remaining shred arrogance my wolf had left behind.

Just as I began up the grey slab steps, I noticed a large group of boys crowded around each other. Was something happening? I wasn’t the type to make a scene over someone else’s problems, but out of mere curiosity I focused in on what they were saying as I passed.

I assumed the striking guy in the midst of the crowd was popular. He was quite handsome, with lovely black hair and striking blue eyes which were looking around at his friends with a smile permanently etched on his face. Beside him, I noticed a beautiful girl hanging off his arm like a trophy which proclaimed the girl his. Of course a guy like him would have a girl as beautiful as her.

A friend slapped the guy in the middle in laughter, telling me just how close they were. The friend was quite cute, but not as gorgeous as the black haired guy stood beside him - he looked like he worked out a lot, with large arms and shoulders.

Soon enough, I found myself sat on the bench just behind their group of friends, unusually drawn to their presence.

"Alex, keep your hands off my sister,” the friend said as he gave the striking guy, Alex, a disapproving look.

"I have self-control, Toby! It’s Elena who can’t keep her hands off me,” Alex replied with a cheeky smirk, gesturing to his pretty girlfriend, who I presumed to be Elena.

"Toby, you can’t stop me being with Alex. You don’t control me,” Elena mumbled as she slid her arm from Alex and crossed them across her chest.

"I know that, Elena,” Toby sighed to his sister. He’d obviously heard this before. “And you –,” he pointed to Alex, “don’t do anything I wouldn’t.”

Internally as I listened in, I had other things on my mind. More pressing matters than whose sister was hooking up with who’s friend and so on. I had my timetable, but I had no idea where to go.

I cast a daring look at the group who had yet to notice me at all. Their presence was stronger than any individuals I’d seen in this country so far, and it was drawing my very human self over into their vicinity. What would my wolf have to say about that? If only I knew…

Suddenly, as if my wolf was back and daring me to do something I never would have done myself, I was standing right in front of the three individuals I felt like I knew so much about but had never spoke a word to in my entire life.

As I gasped in surprise, I grabbed their attentions. They turned simultaneously.

“I’m… uh, Kaylee,” I said with great mental turmoil. What the hell was I doing?

They stared at me like I was an entirely new species, and they couldn’t quite figure out what to do with me. Before, perhaps, I might have stood straight and told them exactly what I thought. Instead, my body cowered before them just like it wanted to.

Is this what it meant to be human?

Don’t be like that… the voice whispered in my head, ever so similar to the voice of my wolf. It couldn’t be her, though. It shouldn’t be!

“I’m new here,” I tried once more. “I need help finding my way around,” I said, finding new found confidence from the small presence of my wolf.

She was still there, but just barely.

The moon shines bright above you when darkness prevails, it hissed again every so quietly like it was losing strength. Why was she using her power to come out now of all times?

Elena’s face transformed, her nose twitching and eyes narrowing. “Your point is?”

She can’t speak to an alpha like that! My wolf roared with as much as she could muster, a coursing anger seeping from her into me. Panic rose us. I couldn’t reveal myself to anyone, especially not here!

Alex who had reaminded silent, pulled his girl into his side – giving me reason to look up into his eyes. I was met with pure and utter hatred. “You want help… from us?” he asked with a danger underlying tone than snaked through every syllable.

I didn't know what was going on. How could he automatically cast me so much hate? My wolf cowered of all things, I could feel her whimpering internally like we’d been physically wounded.

"I think-" I began to say, getting angry just as my wolf had wanted me to.

"I think you should leave," Alex proclaimed, then turned on his heels and left in the direction of the school himself. His girlfriend followed him calling his name like he was the high and mighty. His friends dispersed soon after, casting glare and curious looks in my direction.

Was this normal in English high schools?

My wolf tried to push through again like she had before, but as I felt her pushing she then recoiled back like she didn’t have the strength. I had to discuss this with Claire.

My head dropped to the ground as it began to get a bit much.

Disturbing the eerie silence, was a low whistle. I jumped and faced the direction of the noise. There in front of me, was another person.

He was a blonde beauty, tall and lanky, but looked strong with a frame that towered over most. He was handsome, I had to admit.

“Never seen anyone even try to stand up to Alex and his friends before, never mind talk to them,” he said with an underlying laugh, strolling closer to my hunched frame.

He removed a hand from his pockets and held it out to me. A handshake?

As my hand met his, he snatched it up in his own and shook it. “I’m Lucas.”

He dropped my hand again and smiled a winning smile that just told me he was someone who’d make my day. I vowed now to try and make friends.

Lucas suddenly became serious. "Don't worry about Alex and his cronies – they can be a bit extreme. Ignore them,” he said with a half-hearted laugh, although at the mention of them I didn’t feel like laughing.

Then, by Lucas’ side, a friend from Alex’s crowd appeared. Lucas met his eyes and glared with pursed lips. "You shouldn't be with her,” the friend said with caution.

"You don't tell me what to do,” Lucas replied as he turned his head and faced in the opposite direction.

The friend turned like he’d delivered his message and walked into the school in the direction of the others. His comment hurt me only a little. Just a little.

"What’s that supposed to mean?" I asked quietly, like I’d just been knocked back a few places. I suddenly felt so inferior.

Lucas scuffed his feet on the ground while looking anywhere but me. "Oh nothing, they just don't like… strangers…”

Did that mean he was one of them?

Suddenly, he was making excuses to leave. "If you would excuse me…" Lucas said, rushing off in the direction of the school doors.

The curiosity got the best as I filtered into the school with the rest of the student hopefully to catch a glimpse of where the stranger was going. Of course, that was harder than I had anticipated.

I was shoved about, not stopping to take much notice of the school I sped walked down the crowded halls where everyone looked and sounded the same as each other. There, though, was Lucas – clear as day because students gave him a wide berth like he was someone they weren’t allowed to touch.

I came to a grinding halt when I saw exactly who he was talking to. Alex was leaning against the lockers, slouched and at level with Lucas. Alex could easily have been a few inches taller. They stood comfortably by each other, and then I began to notice the similarities.

I could only hope that this was a joke.

Alex was arguing with Lucas – Lucas argued right back. It was a heated discussion, and something I probably wasn’t supposed to witness. As they continued to argue, I stood there clueless. What was I doing here, watching over people I should have no interest in?

Alex’s eyes catch mines, and then suddenly he’s leaning into Lucas’ ear and whispers words I cannot hear. Lucas turns to my direction like they were talking about me, his smile downturned and his expression confused. Then they both stride peacefully away together. 

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