The Hunger Games

Katniss and Gale finally find love deep in thr forest where they think no one is watching...


2. Love Struck

After what seemed like hours of silence but what may have only been minutes Katniss stands and makes her excuses for her to return home. "Katniss, wait!" Gale cries. Katniss turns and Gale moves closer to her. "Gale, wha-" Before she can finish Gale moves in even closer so and presses his soft warm lips against her cold cracked ones. "Gale!" Katniss pushes Gale away but staying silent he pulls her back in for more. Katniss can't resist anymore. She's been telling herself her whole life she doesn't want Gale, knowing that she really does and now she can have him, just for this moment "so why not cherish it?" She thinks. They pull each other to the floor, both wanting more than just a light kiss, and Katniss finds herself unbuttoning his shirt and planting light kisses all over his chest. She moves down past his v-line an unzips his pants, she looks up at Gale who is moaning with delight as she makes her way into his pants, working away with her mouth. She should feel guilty as she is committed to Peeta but all she feels is delight and happiness. After she has finished Gale decides it's her turn so with no hesitation he takes off her shirt and bra, revealing a pair of perky breasts for him to enjoy. She releases moans an squeals of delight as he plays around with her perfect breasts, he slowly moves down, undoing her pants and giving her more pleasure down below. Both naked and enjoying the sex, they hear a rustle in the leaves...

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