Does he love me or is it just my imagination...


3. The next week

           It was on a Tuesday that i woke up and couldnt breath so i screamed for my mom and dad  and again nothing came out. So i called the house phone and my dad went to go get it and i threw a pillow so he can see me. My dad came in a he yelled for my mom. Minutes later they were helping me get out of bed. My dad picked me up and ran down stairs and put me into the car while my mom was on the phone with the emergency room. When we got there there were new docters and there was a pink and purple gernie waiting for me. I was awoken by a nurse that was holding a tray of food on the tray was spagetti and pudding and bread, i ate all of it like i hadnt eaten for months.  

            After i ate and i freaked out cause i had something like a tobe around my ears that went inti my nose that was really awkard. I pressed the call botton for a nurse and a minutes later a nurse about in her early twenties came in and said,"whats te problem?"

     "what is this tobe thing on my face?" i asked

       "that is attached to your oxgen tank my dear." she answered like she knew i was going to ask that question. 

 I shook my head like i understood and then she left and got my parents.

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